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Thames Valley Asset Finance offer wide range of finance and business loans


BOTH globally and in the UK, waste management is at a critical point. In response to the various pressures on the industry dealing with the discarded products of the world, the waste and recycling industry has had to undergo rapid evolution.

For waste management businesses who want to stay competitive, reinvestment in new equipment and expansion can be key – but it is not always easy. Thames Valley Asset Finance (TVAF) & Business Loans provide a wide variety of finance solutions to alleviate waste management worries, and make the process of financing recycling equipment that much clearer and accessible.

TVAF provide simple finance arrangements via telephone, but for larger equipment finance purchases and business loans, the TVAF team will usually meet a customer face to face at their premises. This enables them to better understand the business, the people, and the rationale for the investment.

As well as this, TVAF’s independent status makes asset finance simple to arrange through their access to a wide panel of lenders, enabling customers to spread the cost over the useful working life of an asset.

At one time, the waste management sector was simply about moving and burying waste, but now recycling and waste reduction are all central to the way the industry operates through progressing to green initiatives.

TVAF offer a range of finance solutions for popular waste management equipment. These include (but are not limited to):

RECYCLING PLANTS – Investing in these manufacturing lines can be expensive. Rather than tie valuable cash and working capital up in acquiring plant, consider spreading the cost over a number of years.

SHREDDERS – Both new and used equipment can be financed. Loans for older equipment can also be arranged, if it has been satisfactorily refurbished, and correctly maintained.

HANDLING EQUIPMENT – Forklift trucks and telehandlers are long-life assets. Not only can waste operators finance equipment that has been acquired, but they can also release equity within existing unencumbered handling equipment.

COMMERCIAL VEHICLES – Vans, trucks and trailers are a must-have for any waste management company. So why tie-up valuable cash in a depreciating asset? Especially when considering spreading the cost over the period of ownership or intended use.

CRUSHERS – For businesses, a crusher is a vital asset for processing aggregates, because it transforms waste into a usable material again. Buying outright can be expensive and often costly to maintain. Leasing or Hire Purchase can spread the cost of ownership, and reduce that burden through investing in newer technology for an affordable fixed monthly cost.

BALERS – Minimising waste volume is made simpler with an investment in such equipment. Loans can be arranged from 12 months to five years, often with a minimal cash outlay on day one.
CONTAINERS INCLUDING SKIPS AND ROROS – The lifeblood of many waste management businesses is the investment in new containers, which is often expensive and ongoing. Despite their relatively small capital value, finance can be arranged with a number of flexible finance solutions available.

TVAF provides a range of asset finance solutions for waste, recycling and equipment purchases. These include hire purchase, lease purchase, finance lease, and refinancing.

TVAF Business Loans also provides secured and unsecured loans. These finance solutions are all designed to suit different business needs and more information can be found on the company’s website.