Home Waste News Lyndex Recycling set to raid Munich’s IFAT 2018 with Ram II balers

Lyndex Recycling set to raid Munich’s IFAT 2018 with Ram II balers

Lyndex's new baler - the highest performing two ram baler on the market

Lyndex Recycling Systems will highlight the innovative range of Ram II balers at this year’s IFAT trade fair in Munich between 14 – 18 May 2018.

The Ram II balers offer new levels of versatility and throughput for processing waste plastics, paper and other recyclates, which will coincide with the company’s cloud-based data logging and diagnostic solution.

Designed in response to increasingly sophisticated segregation of material recycling, the Ram II is a medium range baling solution developed to work with multiple waste streams.

Doug Lord, Sales Manager at Lyndex Recycling Systems, said: “While two-ram machines offer the highest compressive force, there is often a trade off in throughput.

“We have developed the Lyndex Ram II to provide a versatile baling solution for MRF operators, metal and plastic re-processors that deliver compressive force of the RAM II design, but with cycle times similar to conventional channel balers.

“The new range will out-perform the ram speed and baling cycle time of any other Ram II balers of equal horsepower and offer a number of low maintenance design features, 16 pre-programmed baling modes and a range of Lyndex design options to suit most production environments.”


The Ram II is equipped with a 16 material grade ‘recipe’ system to optimise bale production for different waste fractions.

Five machines are available, offering a choice of size and footprint to suit different bale formats. These machines provide a main ram press force ranging from 80 to 160 tonnes to match different waste streams as well as volume, speed and throughput requirements.

The combination of advanced hydraulics operating at 4500 psi (315 bar), with energy efficient variable speed displacement pumps.

This reduces the footprint of the machine compared to competing products, while delivering equivalent or increased press force and significantly improved cycle times, in order to improve productivity and throughput for today’s operators.

Lyndex will also showcase its latest cloud-based data logging and diagnostic solution, available on all Ram II balers, designed to provide customers with easy access to essential equipment data and new levels of capability to monitor, manage and control operations and performance via a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The online solution provides real-time remote access to machine status and diagnostic information, including fault, service and inspection alerts, together with a range of production and operational data.

This covers production figures, downtime, throughput, performance and other factors. These in turn can be exported for further analysis and reporting.

Information is presented through a series of management dashboards with graphical representations of equipment. These are colour coded with live data values, plus run-time graphs, counters and key statistics, enabling customers to visualise operations and understand performance, and improve management and control.

Doug continued: “The system offers improved engineering support to our customers from day one, mobile access for total flexibility and a range of management and operational insights to drive performance and control – no other system offers this level of sophistication.”

Support and downtime issues are also significantly improved with the Lyndex Remote Assistance module a part of the package. This enables Lyndex engineering staff to connect directly to a customer’s machine to diagnose faults, with the ability to fix 95% of issues either by remotely changing settings on the machine, or by alerting the local operator to the issue.

With more accurate servicing based on logged hours and fewer maintenance visits, the system also provides a long term diagnostic tool to monitor equipment health and machine upgrades and settings can also be simply changed remotely to improve performance.

Fully configurable and already in use at 10 customer sites across Europe, the Lyndex Cloud Data Logging Solution is available as an option across the latest generation of mid to high-end balers including the Meggabite baler range.

For more information visit Lyndex on stand B5.534 at IFAT trade fair in Munich between 14 – 18 May 2018.