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Trigion proves its mettle at scrap yard






Trigion provides thermal imaging solution to protect valuable scrap metal

With the value of scrap metal only heading in one direction recently, dealers are having to turn to ever more advanced security solutions to combat theft and break ins. Security specialists Trigion are now providing high-tech solutions at a major Kent scrap yard, including the use of thermal cameras and a ‘virtual perimeter’ system.

On a site such as a scrap metal yard, there can be a lot of material on view and it is not always easy to determine exactly what is happening on a standard CCTV camera. Thermal cameras make it clear where a heat source is and when it moves.

ELECTRONIC TRAIL: They can also display an electronic trail showing where movement has taken place; making detection much easier. In addition, by setting a virtual perimeter on screen, specific areas can be monitored more closely, and an alarm triggered if someone enters it. This perimeter can be altered remotely to meet changing situations, such as the arrival of a greater quantity of metal.

Neil Ricketts, Security & Technical Services Director at Trigion, said: “With scrap metal prices consistently rising over the past year or two, dealers are increasingly being targeted by unscrupulous elements intending to cash in. We work with our customers to design the best solution for their individual needs.

“We’re not tied to any supplier or manufacturer, so can ensure the customer gets what they really need. In the case of the scrapyard, the thermal imaging gives a much clearer picture of the situation, and staff at our remote monitoring station can ensure the site is secure at all times.”