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Lego style blocks stack up for Sheehan Group

Sheehan preparing Lego Block (thumbnail)

Following a major Environment Agency prosecution of a recycling plant director, we look at one product which waste storage companies are now using to be legislation compliant.

Many are now turning to interconnecting blocks to segregate waste streams and meet legal requirements. Often referred to as ‘Lego blocks’ in the trade, they are fire prevention certificated on Environment Agency permitted sites and quick and easy to construct.

Chris Sheehan, Managing Director of the Sheehan Group, a construction and recycling company based in Oxford, said his firm has noted an increase in the number of waste recycling plants using interconnecting blocks to ensure they comply with environmental legislation.

Mr Sheehan, who produces interconnecting blocks, said sales had increased by 200% in 2017 and 2018 is off to a good start with enquiries coming daily.

He said: “They are used for a variety of storage solutions and their flexibility have made them popular, but in the past year we’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of clients purchasing them specifically to use to store waste safely.

“Operationally the blocks are excellent because they enable people to construct waste and recycling storage areas quickly and easily. They do not require planning permission, foundations, steel reinforcing, or shuttering – so they represent excellent value for money.

“In terms of hazardous waste, the vital benefit is they minimise the likelihood of a fire starting. It reduces the risk of it spreading to neighbouring bays, or sites. Before building bays, it’s important to conduct a Fire Prevention Plan to ensure they’re constructed to the right specification to safely store the waste involved.

“Interconnecting blocks can be used for custom storage bays, partition walls, security blocks, solid barrier and flood defence. They are a very versatile product and people are now appreciating the value and flexibility they provide in the industry.”

Sheehan lego block production
Sales have increased by 200% in 2017 and 2018

Interconnecting blocks are cast in accordance with BS EN 15258:2008 and are quick to install, with many contractors fitting more than 100m2 per day. The fast installation results in a cost-effective solution for customers.

After recognising the vast benefits of interconnecting blocks Sheehan Haulage and Plant Hire installed a production plant at its Oxford base to produce and supply them to market in bulk. It is one of the few sites in the South East to produce and sell the product.

It produces 10,000 blocks per year. Each block is produced in a cast and is 1500mm in length, 600mm wide x 600mm height with 10 studs. Smaller infill blocks are also made to order.