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OCTOBER 2017, Skip Hunk Luke Grundy, GJF Fabrications

Skip Hunk Luke Grundy, GJF Fabrications

HE’S the leader of the gang, a rugby-playing spiderman who reckons an artery clogging burger is the way to a girl’s heart. Meet this month’s Skip Hunk, lion-hearted Luke Grundy.

Hi Luke! Introduce yourself to the readers of Skip Hire Magazine.

I work at GJF Fabrications and I’m 23.

They must be putting something in the water there, As that’s where last month’s hunk worked! So what do you do there?

I’m a press shop ‘Cell Leader.’ I run a part of the factory, and I’ve been doing that for around two years.

Get you with your fancy pants title! What’s the best bit about being a Cell Leader – apart from always being asked what these cells are that you have to lead…?

Meeting new people, and learning about the company inside out.

The perfect answer.  You’ll go far in the business if you keep that up. Any bits of the job you don’t enjoy that much?

Waking up too early!

ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry… did you say something? Just grabbing a quick nap here. Tell us about the funniest thing that’s happened at work.

Chasing a fellow work buddy with a big spider across the factory. Now that was funny!

Yikes! Not too keen on creepy crawlies here. Gives us the willies. Righto, off home with you. What do you like to do when you’re not Cell Leader?

Gym, music, film, rugby.

Just like us, we’re always working the chilled six pack while watching a movie 😉 
Now, while we know you love being a cell leader, what did you always want to do when you were young?

I wanted to join the army, or become a rugby player!

Oooh! Tough guy… we’re even more impressed. Just say you were an animal, what kind would you be?

A lion. It stands for trust, power and honour.

King of the Jungle too. Luke the Lion has a certain ring to it as well. GRRrrrr!
And what tasty morsel would Luke like?

A big steak, or my pre-workout shake.

Steak sounds good to us… but we’ll just take the shake, and leave the workout – if that’s okay.
Fantasy date time, who’s your ideal Skip Chick?

My wife.

Ah, the answer that says ‘I’d rather not have an argument with the wife when I go home tonight’. 
So where’s Mr and Mrs G off to for a romantic dinner for two?

McDonalds – it’s cheap for me! 😉

What girl could possibly resist? And so, the table is set, the Big Mac and fries are laid out in front of you. What lovely song is serenading you both in the background? 

Shut Up and Dance With Me – it’s just a fun tune!

A perfect night if there ever was one. What a lucky lady your wife is!
Don’t go crazy and spoil her with a McFlurry though. Any secrets you’d like to share?

I became semi-pro at rugby at the age of 16.

Wow. We’ll happily join you in a scrum any day of the week. Finally Luke, tickle our funny bone.

What says: ‘Hi, I’m green and a frog’? A talking frog!

Just as well you love being a cell leader, because you might struggle to make it as a comedian. 
One thing that’s sure, you’ve been a hugely talented Skip Hunk.  Thanks for brightening up our day.

GJF Fabrications, Walsall, produce skips, containers and recycling banks.