Home Skip Hunks SKIP HUNK SEPTEMBER 2017 – Paddy Tonkinson, GJF Fabrications Ltd

SKIP HUNK SEPTEMBER 2017 – Paddy Tonkinson, GJF Fabrications Ltd

SKIP HUNK SEPTEMBER 2017 – Paddy Tonkinson, GJF Fabrications Ltd


Meet the body beautiful, with absolutely nothing fascinating about him at all! But he’s still got a personal trainer and gigantic abs.


He’s Walsall’s own Mr Muscles, and he has a purr-fect way with the ladies. So get on your bike for this month’s latest sparkling Skip Hunk – supercharged, body beautiful Paddy Tonkinson.

Looking pretty pumped there Paddy. Tell us your age.

I’m 26 – and still growing!

Less said about that, the better! Where do you work? 

I work at GJF Fabrications as a fork lift driver.  I’ve been here 3 months now.

And it probably doesn’t feel like a day over 12 weeks. Best bit?

Without a doubt, the men beside me. I will have to shout out to Luke Grundy, Mark Grundy, Ashley Clift – oh and my personal trainer!

A job that comes with a personal trainer? You’ve landed lucky! What bits could you live without?

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Pay rise for Paddy! Now we know sometimes you lads like to play tricks on each other though…

I came to work and my bike was on the roof with a for sale sign on it, annoying…

Did you get much for it?  Never mind, what do you get up to outside of work?

I like to pick up and put down heavy things. Aka – the gym!

We treat our bodies like a temple too. Sadly, it’s the temple of doom. What did you always want to do
when you were growing up?

I wanted to be a firefighter.

You can put out our fire any time, young man. What kind of animal would you be?

They call me the cat whisperer, I know how to make the ladies purr!

Sure they’re not actually purring with laughter? Anyway, favourite food for Tiddles?

I really like Thai food.

Date night! Who’s the lady on your arm?

All those lovely models on Instagram. We’d go to a little island in Thailand – beautiful.

Sounds like paradise. What song is on in the background?

No Way by The Weeknd, featuring Travis Scott – no reason, I’m just listening to it right now.

Give us a fascinating fact about yourself

Got me there, I couldn’t say!

Who says you NEED to be fascinating! And it was all going so well… never mind. Hit us with a joke.

Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ATE 9!

Groan! Thanks so much for the WORST ever joke to appear on these pages (and that’s really saying something). Never mind, you’ve still been a top cat
Skip Hunk. Cheers Paddy!

GJF Fabrications Ltd, Walsall, West Midlands