Home Skip Chicks SKIP CHICK SEPTEMBER 2017 – Chloe Forristal, www.jjcskips.co.uk

SKIP CHICK SEPTEMBER 2017 – Chloe Forristal, www.jjcskips.co.uk

SKIP CHICK SEPTEMBER 2017 – Chloe Forristal,  www.jjcskips.co.uk


And she loves working with a randomly hilarious bunch of people.

SHE’S a fair dinkum Sheila who loves a party. So just watch out for low flying darts when this month’s latest Skip Chick, Chloe Forristal, 21, is around.

Well you look a girl who doesn’t mind a bit of hard graft. Where do you work?

I work in office admin at JJC Ltd in Barrow in Furness. I look after the containers.

Those containers need a firm hand to keep them in check. Best bit about the job?

I love the banter we all have, I work with a hilarious bunch
of people. No day is ever the same.

Can’t beat a bit of workplace banter. And what bits could you live without?

The smell and dirt.

A squirt of air freshener twice a day usually sorts out the stink wafting through Skip Hire Towers. Bet every day is action packed though.

We once had a cat found in a skip. It had travelled for miles all day. We rescued it out of the skip and reunited it with its owner. The power of Facebook!

Ever wonder if the cat deliberately climbed in the skip to get away from its owner? Just a thought… Anyway, the clock is ticking, home beckons. What do you get up to after work?

Darts, pub, drinking or holidays. Working as a barmaid part-time. And I do love to party.

Don’t mind a bit of bully ourselves. Nothing in this game for two in a bed, phnar phnar… Moving swiftly on, what did you want to do when you were young?

Work with children.

Some may well suggest that’s precisely what you ARE doing. Not us, of course… we’re far too nice. What kind of animal would you be?

A lion, because of all my hair!

Amazing what you can do with a bottle of Head & Shoulders and some curling tongs these days. Let’s go to the movies, what do you want to watch?

Scary films, hands down.

Yikes, we’re more a Spongebob the Movie type – too much blood puts us right off our supersize popcorn. What about holiday time – where to?

Oz, I lived there for a year when I was 18. I loved it and hope to go back at some point.

Sounds fair dinkum to us, Sheila. Chuck another kangaroo steak on the barbie and tell us your favourite food.

Chinese. We have payday treat day and always get a takeaway in the office once a month.

We’ll be right over. Save us some spare ribs and a banana fritter.  And which Skip Hunk of your dreams would be sharing this fine cuisine?

Of course all our JJC boys!

Bit greedy saving them all for yourself. Where are you and the boys off to for a date?


Hope the boss doesn’t mind the entire staff emigrating. Before you go, we’d love to hear a song that sums you up.

Cyndi Lauper’s song, Girls just wanna have fun!

Finally, knock us out with a fascinating fact about  yourself.

I am unbeatable at darts… but only after a couple
of Vodkas.

Nip behind the bar, line up the voddies, and get the arrows out, we’ll be right over. Thanks for hitting the bullseye and being a top class Skip Chick.

JJC Hire Limited, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria