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Say hello to our dynamic sales duo Lauren and Scott at RWM: STAND 5R23

Say hello to our dynamic sales duo Lauren and Scott at RWM: STAND 5R23

If you’re out and about at RWM, you’re sure to bump into our intrepid Sales Executives Scott and Lauren.

They are certainly not the shy retiring types, so make sure you grab them for a chat – and to find out what we are up to in the forthcoming months.

They are the driving force behind our sales team, and the dynamic duo can’t wait to meet up with clients old and new.

For those of you out there who don’t know Lauren or Scott, here’s a snapshot of the pair – in their very own words.

SCOTT GOLLAND: 0161 482 6222

“I recently celebrated my first year at the magazine, and it’s been my great privilege to be part of a fantastic team, taking the magazine from strength to strength.

“This will be my second year at the RWM exhibition, and I am hoping this year will be a lot less mind boggling than my ‘in at the deep end’ introduction to the show last year.

“I have a hugely creative side (some may say, a bit too creative), and a great passion for art. A close examination of my note pad will reveal I spend far too much of my work time doodling in the margins.

“My favourite sport is the NFL (go Dolphins!), and I secretly dream of becoming a star quarterback – although I have yet to learn how to throw a perfect spiral.

“On the cusp of my first mid-life crisis, I am currently trying to rewind the clock and my waistline with high intensity training sessions every Thursday night.

“Now that my clubbing days are behind me, I spend most of my evenings catching up on box sets with a strong coffee and a Spanish Brandy.

“My pet hate is writing self-bios. ”

LAUREN STORRIE: 0161 482 6224

“When I’m not filling the magazine with all your lovely ads, I have a great big passion for fast cars, neo-traditional tattoos and food!

“Although I’m not exactly the best driver out there, for many years I’ve been slightly obsessed with powerful cars – German cars in particular.

“A silly hobby of mine is sitting through a long tattooing session, whilst I get my back piece finished. It’s a very colourful owl, with a skull and pretty roses (it looks better than it sounds!)

“After a long day at Skip Hire Mag HQ, I love nothing more than visiting restaurants in the Greater Manchester area, and writing about them on my food blog (lollyslunch on Instagram).

“This came in handy on a recent trip to New York, where I consumed 5 burgers in 7 days. My favourite burger was a cheeseburger at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.

“However I didn’t defeat the blizzard that hit, as I slid down a hill in Central Park in the snow.

“My main claim to fame is that I was a contestant on Deal or No Deal in 2011.

“In other words, I’m a TV star! ”