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AUGUST 2017 SKIP HUNK – Damian Casey: www.matpro.co.uk


Break time! Get your tea and biscuit orders in, because this month’s Skip Hunk Damian Casey is putting the kettle on.

Well hello there. Which  fine establishment has the pleasure of your company?

I’m After Sales Manager at Matpro Machinery Ltd. I’m 23, and I’ve been there since July 2016.

Must be satisfying, knowing you’re supporting the customers and all that. Best bit?

Getting away early on a Friday, to catch my favourite TV programme. 

Ah, okay. So, what in particular don’t you love?

Making tea for everybody in the office. Always seems to be me. 

Righto, milk no sugar for me and a Rich Tea thanks – chop chop! Bet life is never dull though. Strangest  thing to ever happen at work?

I once told a joke, and it was really funny and everybody laughed. 

Well that sounds highly unlikely to us. You sound a real bag of laughs. Anyway, home time soon, what do you do when work is finally over?

I love getting back home and watching The Chase. Bradley Walsh is such a hoot!

And you can pick up a few joke-telling tips off Bradders while you’re at it. Sounds like you could do with a crash course in being funny. Tell us what you wanted to do when you were young.

I wanted to work in the delicatessen at Newell Stores in my home town of Dungannon.

Be hard to keep away from sampling the stock, I imagine. Talking of which, all that hard work requires good fuel. What’s your favourite food?

Limerick Ham, with butter on Pat The Baker white bread. Hmm!

Our mouths are watering just imagining it. Here’s another thought, say you were an animal, which one would you be?

I’d be a little French Bulldog. They are so cute. 

Cute, but apparently they snore very loudly.  Talking cute, who’s your dream date?

Bradley Walsh. See above 

And where would you jokers be off to?

Everywhere. I’d show him off.  

What song title sums you up, and why?

Scatman’s World by Scatman, because it takes me a
while to get my point across. 

Tell us one fascinating fact about yourself.

My right foot is size 11, and my left is size 9.5

Eh? Really?! We’re actually quite gobsmacked. While our brains process that, tell us a quick joke.

What do you call an Italian with a rubber toe? Roberto!

Well Damian, other than the weird foot thing, you’ve been a damn fine Skip Hunk. Now hop along, we’ve got to get home in time to watch The Chase!


Matro Machinery Ltd, Glasgow