Home Skip Chicks AUGUST 2017 SKIP CHICK – LAUREN RICHARDSON: www.ecogenrecycling.co.uk

AUGUST 2017 SKIP CHICK – LAUREN RICHARDSON: www.ecogenrecycling.co.uk

AUGUST 2017 SKIP CHICK – LAUREN RICHARDSON: www.ecogenrecycling.co.uk

It’s August, the weather is heating up, and our Skip Chick is looking HOT. Meet our little raver, Lauren Richardson.

Well hello there Lauren. Now hold on to that safety hat, there’s a very large stack of cardboard right behind you, and we’ve not checked our insurance recently. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 21, and I’ve been an Account Manager at Ecogen Recycling Ltd for eight months.

Bet it seems like no time at all since your first day. What’s the best bit of working there?

Bringing in the dosh.

That’s our favourite part of work too! Only trouble is there’s never enough. What don’t you like?

Ever increasing targets.

Curse those targets.  Who’s your favourite work colleague?

Can’t choose one, it’s got to be the girls!

Not arguing with you on that one. So… what do you get up to when you’re not working?  

Raving like a mad woman.

Sadly our raving days are past – we’re more pipe and slippers by the fire these days. Anyway, what did you always want to be when you were younger?

A fashion designer.

We could tell by the way the hi-vis jacket hangs just ‘so.’
If you can’t be a fashion designer, what animal would
you be?

A tiger – because I’m feisty!

Off to the movies now, what’s your favourite film?

Beverley Hills Cop – all of them.

Can’t beat a comedy classic. Tea time! What’s on the menu at Maison de la Lauren? 

Chicken Nuggets.

We’re lovin’ it, as they say. Favourite meal in front of
the TV, and What are you watching?

Pawn Stars.

Date night is coming up, so who’s your dream Skip Hunk? 

Tom Hardy.

A popular choice among our Skip Chicks, although you may have  to engage that inner tigress to win him. Which exotic location would you and Tom head for?


Cool! Just you, Tom, some reindeer and a creepy bloke with a long white beard, a red suit and a threat that you better be good or you’ll have a rotten Christmas. Romantic! Now tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

I can eat 20 Chicken McNuggets in 4m 35s.

The challenge has been set. Now before we head off to McDonalds to see if we can beat that, give us a joke.

What do you get when you cross-breed a shark and a cow?  I have no idea, but I wouldn’t try milking it.

Well Laura, we’d be laughing if we didn’t have 20 Chicken McNuggets stuffed in our mouth. Thanks for being a fab Skip Chick!


Ecogen Recycling Ltd, Hampshire