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WASTE:17 – Come and meet the man with a cost-effective plan to replace diesel

waste'17: Old Tarfford, Manchester, June 8, 2017


Martin Flach’s lofty job title is Alternative Fuels Director at Iveco Ltd. However, it’s not just a label for the engine expert – he firmly believes in environmental sustainability.

Recent Proposals for the expansion of Clean Air Zones around the UK have huge financial implications for fleet managers in the waste and recycling industries. Toxin taxes and diesel bans in towns and city centres will also spell bad news.

Is there a solution to the issue which makes financial sense to hard-pressed operators in the sector? Martin, an industry leader who has spent a lifetime developing opportunities for Iveco’s light, medium and heavy vehicle ranges, believes there already is.

On June 8th at Old Trafford, he is sharing his vision for the future at the WASTE’17 exhibition in Manchester. An engaging personality with over 30 years’ experience at the sharp end of the sector, Martin is offering practical advice to individuals and companies seeking diesel alternatives.

Developing the seminar theme topic of “The Waste Economy,” the Iveco Ltd engineer will be focussing on practical, cost-effective solutions to the developing issue, explaining how his work on compressed biomethane-powered fuel has already worked for industry giants such as Coca-Cola and Tesco.

Martin, who has responsibility for Iveco’s Light, Medium and Heavy product ranges, will explain how the transition to biomethane can reduce a company’s carbon footprint and improve their bank balance.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to attending WASTE’17 and explaining how environmentally sustainable fuel solutions provide cost-effective solutions for the recycling, waste, and skip trade industries.

“The current debate about diesel means fleet owners need to start thinking about alternative fuel sources, and I will be building a strong case for biomethane as a financially viable solution to an ever growing issue.”

Martin, who spent a decade as Chief Engineer for Iveco’s medium vehicle range at the company’s worldwide headquarters in Turin, has led Iveco UK’s integrated approach to environmental sustainability.

He regularly deals with legislators, trade associations, customers, suppliers and dealers to highlight the advances the company has made in diesel engine evolution, alternative fuels and traction systems.

He has a passion for developing opportunities for Iveco’s light, medium and heavy vehicle ranges operating on compressed biomethane, with deliveries into some of the highest profile fleets in the country.
Martin’s automotive career began as a Component Engineer with the Ford Motor Company in 1978, after graduating from Middlesex University with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Since graduating Martin has held a number of positions within the commercial vehicle industry, and his career began with Ford Motor Company (Truck Division).  He joined Iveco Ford Truck in 1986 following the merger of Iveco and Ford (Truck Division), and remained with Iveco following the formation of Iveco Ltd in 2003.

Martin Flach, Alternative Fuels Director at Iveco Ltd, will be speaking at WASTE’17 – Old Trafford, Manchester: Thursday, June 8. He will also be available for consultations and advice during the exhibition.

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