Home Skip Hunks SKIP HUNK – ANTHONY THOMAS, Allstone Speedy Skips

SKIP HUNK – ANTHONY THOMAS, Allstone Speedy Skips

SKIP HUNK – ANTHONY THOMAS, Allstone Speedy Skips

SKIP HUNK – ANTHONY THOMAS, Allstone Speedy Skips


He’s speedy, he’s a burger king and a little bit saucy. Meet this month’s Skip Hunk, Anthony Thomas. Watch out!! There appears to be a very large truck about to run you over. Who do we have here?

I’m Anthony Robert Thomas, also known as ‘Bones’. I’m 40 PLUS VAT ha, ha, ha!

Call us psychic, but we’re guessing you just might work for Speedy Skips.

I’m a hookloader driver and 18t skip driver at Allstone Speedy Skips, Gloucester. Been here six years.

And won’t be around much longer if you insist on standing right in front of the trucks. What’s the best bit about the job?

Seeing the lovely ladies in the summer time.

Eyes on the road please! And bits you don’t like?

The idiots on the road.

Well, there’s certainly no shortage of those. Any daft encounters you’d like to share?

One customer asked for the drop end to be at the opposite end of the skip. So I told him unfortunately they only come on one end.. hahahaha!

Let’s hope he appreciated your sense of humour. What’s on the agenda after work?

Stuff my face, and polish my motorbike.

Indeed, no finer way to spend an evening after a long day behind the wheel. But what of all those childhood dreams – what did you REALLY want to do?

I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve always wanted to drive HGVs. It didn’t matter what, as long as I was driving.

We’re at risk of coming over all emotional here. Childhood dream fulfilled then, but let’s imagine you’re an animal, what kind best sums you up?

A cat, because everyone loves a … 

Nope. We’re stopping you right there young man.  Now try again.

A lion, because I’m king of the jungle.

That’s better. Grubs up! What tickles those manly
taste buds?

A big Mac, 2 double cheeseburgers and a large fries.

Your arteries must be loving it. Talking of love…. Ideal Skip Chick?

Mila Kunis, she has a great personality.

Her personality is often the first thing people notice about her. Date night?

McDonalds of course.

What girl could possibly resist?  So, your eyes meet over a McFlurry and a half chewed cheeseburger… what’s playing in the background?

Metallica, Nothing Else Matters.

It could hardly be any more romantic.  Now impress us with a fascinating fact.

I love my tea. Makes sense, as I’m Mr T!

You’re definitely in our A-Team. Before you jump in that truck and drive off, make us smile.

A guy shows up late for work. The boss yells: “You should’ve been here at 7 am!” He replies, “Why? What happened at 7 am?”

Our sides are splitting here! Thanks Anthony – you’ve been an excellent Skip Hunk.