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SKIP CHICK MAY – Lisa Rudd, Network Waste

SKIP CHICK MAY – Lisa Rudd, Network Waste

She’s Jason Donovan’s number one fan, but we won’t hold that against Skip Chick, gorgeous Lisa Rudd. Well hello lovely lady. We know it’s rude to ask, but what age are you?  

I am 40 years young!! Fit for an old bird!

The years are being kind and besides, they bring experience and wisdom. Which firm has the benefit of having you on board?

I work at Network Waste – been here for 6 years.

They’re lucky to have you. Best bit of the job?

I get to really annoy my boss Dale (next contender for Skip Hunk). He says I get on his nerves but I think he loves me really!!

And how on earth could he not adore that smile?  What bits of the job don’t you like?

Dale telling me to be quiet!!

How dare he?! He’ll be off our ‘Skip Hunks of the Future’ list if he’s not careful.  Must be many a tale to tell at Network Waste. Most memorable?

A lady let her cat take refuge in a skip and it was taken away…The story did not end well.

Nooooooo!  That’s too sad.  We may need to go home early to help cope with the trauma. Talking of which… what do you get up to after work?

I hang out with my husband – he’s very funny. I listen to Jason Donovan songs and hit the karaoke!

The Very Best of Jason Donovan is our favourite album! Such a shame it’s just one song… Anyway, what was your dream job as a child?

I really wanted to be a pop star, but I can’t sing so the rest is history.

But neither can most pop stars. So really, you’d have been perfect. Never mind… let’s say you could be an animal for a day – which one?

I would be a Panda Bear because they are cute and cuddly.

Don’t come much cuter. Bit sluggish when it comes to actually doing anything, but can’t have everything.  Now, summer holidays are getting close, where are
you off to?

As long as it’s Hot Hot Hot I don’t care!!!

Cocktails on the beach, lovely local food – what are you having?

Beef crispy pancakes, sweet potato fries and Yorkshire pudding.

It’s like a journey around the world on a single plate. Who’s dining with you?

Hmmm…. a mix of Jason Donovan , Bear Grylls and Gerard Butler.

Jason’s good looks, Gerard’s charm and Bear’s ability to drink his own urine. The perfect man! Off you two go for a date, where to?  

I couldn’t possibly comment, as my husband will read this!

Well we know you love your music, so what song best sums you up?

On Top of The World by The Carpenters.

A classy song for a classy lady. Now give us a fascinating fact.

I can play the recorder really well and rap Ice Ice Baby…that’s two facts but hey-ho!

We love a BOGOF bargain here. Finally, make us laugh.

What do a toilet, birthday and an anniversary have in common? Men miss them all!!

Never a truer word spoken… Lisa, apart from the strange Jason Donovan fixation, you’ve been absolutely amazing. Thanks for being our Skip Chick. 

www.networkwaste.co.uk (King’s Lynn, Norfolk)