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Pugh – Jonathans’s got guns of steel and a liking for beemers

He’s sexy and he knows it. And he’s proof you can eat Egg McMuffins, and still get the body of your dreams. Meet muscle man Jonathan “The Guns” Pugh.

Oooh! Eat your heart out Arnold Schwartzenegger. Nice to meet you and your biceps Jonathan. Tell us what age you are.

I’m 29.

And what a lean mean power machine you are. Where’s work?

I’m waste manager at Tudor Griffiths, Shropshire. I’ve been there 15 years. 

Bet you didn’t get those muscles pushing a pen behind a desk all day. Best bit of the job? 

Learning life lessons from the Main Man “Big KG”. One day, I am having his job!!! 

Doubt he’ll put up too much of a fight when you’re packing those guns. What don’t you like about the job?

Anything I don’t like, Emma in the office does for me. She holds this whole operation together. 

Go Emma! On the days when Emma’s not been there to keep you in check, what’s the worst thing that’s happened?

I can’t say, but rest assured I was reprimanded and I won’t do it again. 

You’re a very naughty boy Jonathan Pugh. We’re sending you home in disgrace. What are you up to in your spare time?

Polishing my BMW, and wrestling with Russell – but he always beats me. Then I spend time with my fiancée Paulina and my kids.

Aw, sounds like you’re a real softy then under those rock hard muscles. Was waste management always your dream career?

I wanted to be a dancer, and I still throw a few shapes in the disco. If I was as good looking as Russell, our MRF Supervisor, I would have been a model for sure. 

Strictly Come Dancing are on the line right now. Just rustling up a sparkling cerise-coloured Spandex jumpsuit for you as we speak. So, you’re light on your feet and super strong, what kind of animal does that make you?

A squirrel, those guys have nuts.

Now you’re being greedy. A body like that needs good fuel, what keeps you going?

I live on milk & Berocca. 

Interesting combo, and not one we particularly fancy. Now, every Skip Hunk needs a Skip Chick. Who’s your dream girl?

I can’t pick one, because all the others will be jealous.

Hearts are breaking all over the country right now. Date night… where to Romeo?

McDonald’s drive through for a sausage and egg McMuffin

Throw in a McFlurry, and we’ll be right there. First, serenade us with your signature tune – what is it?

‘Oops! I did it again,’ for many, many reasons. 

True confessions time, Jonathan, so share a fascinating fact about yourself.

I feel naked when I am not wearing PPE. 

Same here! Never leave the house without our personal protective equipment, our dancing shoes and a discount voucher for an Egg McMuffin. Here’s your big moment to make us laugh. Drum roll… it’s… joke time!

I rang up a local building firm and said “I want a skip outside my house.” He said “I’m not stopping you”.

Well, we’re skipping with joy here Jonathan. Thanks for being a larger than life Skip Hunk.

Tudor Griffiths Group is based at Wood Lane, Ellesmere, Shropshire. www.tggroup.co.uk