They hate rude boys, and love beefed up fighting men.

It’s double delight – or twice the trouble. This month we have not one, but two lovely ladies sharing the Skip Chick honours. Make way for our dynamic duo Sophie Gabb, 26, and chum Christina Dowell-McGrillan, 29.

Ladies – you’re spoiling us this month! Where do you both work, and what do you do?

Sophie: I’m a Sales Administrator and Christina is Accounts Administrator at Woodford Recycling Services Ltd in Warboys, Huntingdon.


Bet you keep everyone on their toes. What’s the best bit about working there?

Sophie: “I love my work family! Nothing beats working in a happy environment. The customers aren’t so bad either.”

Christina? “When you’re having a rubbish morning, then a couple of minutes later someone has made you smile.  Close second is getting to the end of the month, and everything reconciles.”


Spoken like a true accountant. And what do you hate?

Sophie: “Rude customers. I could live without rude people everywhere!”

Christina: “Filing, filing, filing.”

skip chick


Nothing worse than rude customers who bring extra filing and spreadsheets that don’t balance. Must be a few laughs though – weirdest thing to happen at work?

Sophie: “Getting punched in the face at work (Not at Woodford Recycling may I add.)”


Yikes! Not many laughs there. Christina? “At my last job all the lads bubble wrapped my car, and stuck balloons on it for my birthday – which was funny until it came to peeling it all off.”


Apart from picking bubble wrap off the car, how do you spend your spare time?

Sophie:  “Eating junk food, kettlebells to work the junk food off, sleeping.”

Christina: “I like to do a spinning class and I have a high maintenance horse, so mostly I’m running around after him.”


Sounds exhausting! So was this the life you dreamed of?

Sophie: “I really wanted to be a cashier growing up, and I was obsessed with tills – something to do with the beeping of the scanner!”

Christina: “I wanted to be a professional horse rider.”


Well the thrill of the spreadsheet and the roar of a passing roll on roll off will just have to do. Movie night! What’s on?

Sophie: “I love the Twilight movies – who wouldn’t want to live forever with Robert Pattinson?”


Perhaps someone who doesn’t want to die a horrible death being chewed by a vampire?

Christina: “Something horse related like International Velvet or Black Stallion.”


Whoa Christina: we’re pretty sure there may be another version of Black Stallion doing the rounds. Moving swiftly on… holidays are coming. Where to?

Sophie: “Maldives. Sun, cocktails, and doing absolutely nothing!”

Christina: “Probably a month long trip exploring New Zealand and Fiji, because they both look amazing.”


And who would be your ideal companion?

Sophie: “Anthony Joshua – those muscles! Enough muscle to protect me, and for amazing cuddles.”

Christina: “My husband, or Tom Hardy.”


Be still our beating hearts. Any secrets you want to share?

Sophie: “When I have a nose bleed, it only bleeds out of one nostril.”


Ewww… Christina?: “I broke my collar bone in three places, lacerated my liver, punctured my lung, broke several ribs in a horse riding accident and was in intensive care for 10 days.”


Okay, Christina, you win that one.  Finally, two jokes for the price of one this month. So make them belters.

Sophie:  “What does a cloud with an itchy rash do? Finds the nearest skyscraper!”


Pressure’s on, Christina: “I phoned the local gym and I asked if they could teach me how to do the splits. The instructor said: “How flexible are you?” I said: “I can’t make Tuesdays…”


Well you’ve certainly made our Skip Chick feature twice as nice this month. Thanks girls.