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Skip Hunk Lewis Baker March 2017, Bakers Waste Services Ltd

Skip Hunk Lewis Baker March 2017,  Bakers Waste Services Ltd

He’s young, handsome and he’s the boss’s son. Lewis Baker could have gone to America – instead he stayed here and become our Skip Hunk of the Month.

Ah, looks like we’ve got us a young ‘un here. What age are you?

I’m 19.

Suddenly we’re feeling rather old. Which marvellous establishment welcomes you to work every day, and what do you do?

I’ve worked at Bakers Waste Services Ltd for two years. I’m Operations Assistant at the moment, and I’m working my way round, learning the business.

Every day’s a school day. What is the best bit about your job?

No two days are the same. Best bit is when customers call up (which they do frequently), to thank us for a great service.

We get lots of calls like that too. Shame they’re all wrong numbers. Now, what bits of the job could you live without?

Filing! But who couldn’t live without it?

Life’s too short for filing – just shove everything in a drawer like we do. Best laugh at work?

Seeing my colleague dress up as a pink Power Ranger, for Wear It Pink Day.

Pink is our favourite colour, as it matches our eyes. Home time, where will we find you after hours?

The pub, playing golf, watching Leicester City FC, and at the gym.

It’s all go, us oldies will just sit and watch. Tell us what you REALLY wanted to do when you were younger?

I had the chance to study in America, but chose to stay here and work in the family business. I have a great model in my dad, and aspire to be as successful as him.

Now if that’s not worth a handsome pay rise Mr Baker Snr, then we don’t know what is. You’re an animal, really… you are! What kind?

Lion, king of the jungle.

We’re all a-tremble in your presence. What’s for tea?

Chicken and rice, you can’t beat protein.

Put some curry sauce over that, add a naan and some pakora, and we’ll be right round. Unless you’re busy with your favourite Skip Chick. Who is she?

Michelle Keegan, the full package

Just so happens she’s free. Where are you two off to?

Dubai…a two week date!

Make it three, dad’s the boss after all. Turn up the music, what’s your theme tune?

‘The Man’ by Aloe Blacc, because I like to think I am…

And we agree, you’re definitely all man. Fascinating fact?

I was offered a 70 per cent paid for scholarship to go to college in Illinois in America, but turned it down to follow in my dad’s footsteps at Bakers Waste.

Starting to sound a bit bitter about that, mate. Anyway, make us laugh.

I’d tell you a chemistry joke, but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.

Well, you’ve definitely managed to get a big reaction from us, Lewis.  Thanks so much for being a jolly fine Skip Hunk.

Bakers Waste Ltd. is based in Leicester and covers Northampton, Milton Keynes, Coventry and Leicestershire.