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Skip Chick Katie Hodson, Thorncliffe Skip Hire, North Wales

Skip Chick Katie Hodson, Thorncliffe Skip Hire, North Wales

Bring the doughnuts, this month’s Skip Chick has a sweet tooth to die for. Meet pistol packin’ pirate princess Katie Hodson.

Hi Katie, lovely smile, and all your own teeth too! What age are you?

I am very nearly twenteen.

Our favourite number. Where do you work and what do you do?

Thorncliffe Skip Hire in North Wales, I’m an office administrator. I’ve been there for three years.  

In with the bricks then. Best bit about the job?

Every Christmas we have an office winter Olympics which is always a good laugh, although I’ve lost for the last two years.  One of the games was a coffee mug sprint.

Actually, we’re gold medallists in the 200m custard cream hurdles, so sign us up for the next one. What don’t you love about the job?

People walking muddy boots over my freshly mopped office floor!

They’d get a muddy boot right up the low loader if they did that to our clean floors. Bet there are a few laughs though…

We regularly set each other eating challenges in the office. I managed 10 doughnuts – five jam and five custard – in under 20 minutes.

We’re impressed and now want to work in your office – even if it comes with a serious type 2 diabetes risk. Time off, what are you up to?

Spending time with my gorgeous two-year-old son. Once he’s gone to bed I catch up on my soaps.

Enjoy the toddler years, it won’t be long before he’s a surly teen who hates you. Now, what did you really want to work as?

I was going to be a vet until I saw my hamster being put to sleep when I was seven – never been so traumatised in my life. Then a prison guard, then a forensic scientist, then a solicitor and an electrical engineer. I was adamant I would never work in an office… that clearly didn’t go to plan. 

But still, it’s an office with doughnut eating contests! So not all bad. Favourite animal?

A pangolin, they are too cute!

Scaly, toothless and half blind. Not convinced on the cute description personally, but each to their own. It’s movie night, what are you watching?

Pirates of the Caribbean.  The music, characters and the storyline are all fantastic.

Starring that very big celebrity Orlando Bloom – yes, we’ve seen the paparazzi pictures. Certainly more to him than meets the eye… Summer holidays are coming, dream destination?  

Jamaica. There’s a party boat that’s been made to look like the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean.

We’ll just nip to the money exchange for some pieces of eight and be right there. Dinner first, what’s cooking?

Nothing beats a traditional roast chicken dinner, but cheesy chips with hot chilli sauce and mayonnaise goes down well too. 

Nice n spicy with plenty of cheese – sums us up nicely. Who’s sharing this delightful meal with you?

Wouldn’t mind a bit of Tom Hardy. 

Wouldn’t we all? And where are you two off to?   

Somewhere private….

After all that chilli sauce, it could be a very hot date. Music on in the background, what song sums you up?

Katy Perry’s ‘Roar.’

Now regale us with one fascinating fact about yourself.

I have a tattoo of a pistol on my stomach. When I got pregnant it gradually turned into a shotgun.  Fortunately, it went back to normal.

So you’re a proper pistol packin’ mamma then. Give us a joke before you go.

I needed a password that was at least eight characters long.  So I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Well Katie, we’re off now to see if we can beat your doughnut eating record. You’ve been a fabulous Skip Chick, thanks for cheering up our day.


Thorncliffe Building Supplies Ltd provides a range of services including waste management and skip hire, and covers North Wales and the north west.  



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