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February 2017 Skip Hunk Matthew Bailey, GJF Fabrications

February 2017 Skip Hunk Matthew Bailey, GJF Fabrications


Sporting that Hi-Vis jacket like a boss, meet this month’s Skip Hunk, Matthew Bailey.


Greetings young man. You seem like a nice chap, what age
are you? 

I’m 24. And a half.

And we all know how that extra half makes SUCH a difference. Which marvellous firm has the joy of having you among their staff?

I’ve been a marketing administrator for GJF Fabrications in Walsall for around eight months.

And lucky they are to have you. Best bit of the job?

Being the first in the office every morning to make a brew – before everybody hogs the kitchen!

Knock up a cuppa for us too, milk, no sugar, in our favourite ‘We Love Skips Forever’ mug. And what don’t you like?

The biscuits and cakes. I’m having to work harder in the gym now. It’s not going well.

Those baggy HI-VIs jackets hide a multitude of sins. Bet you have a few laughs though.

Some of my colleagues like to play pranks on me – I’m forever finding pens/pencils in my cuppa! I do like a laugh, I’m laid back like that.

Cheeky devils, don’t they know a man’s mug is sacred? Home time! Where are you off to when the whistle blows?

Apart from the gym, I like to read and cook. I’m attempting Italian at the moment.

We attempt an Italian on a regular basis, but they keep knocking us back. Anyway… the job’s great,

the tea’s marvellous but is this what
you REALLY wanted to be?

I wanted to be a full time Power Ranger.  You get to fight crime and save the world. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

We’ve heard those skin tight
Power Ranger suits really chaff though. And murder to get off when nature calls. Tell us about your inner animal.

A giraffe. I’m quite nosey, so I’d like to keep my eye on things
from above.

Fact of the day, giraffes’ tongues are 12 inches long. Just saying. Anyway, you look like a man
who nourishes that fine physique with healthy food, so it’s a well oiled machine…

Fig Rolls. Every time.

We were wondering who actually likes fig rolls. Who’s your ideal

Skip Chick?

I always wanted to date Rachel from Friends – don’t know why.

Good enough for Brad Pitt, good enough for a fig roll with Matthew from Walsall. Where are you two off to?

Central Perk for coffee.
Where else?

Cup of tea and a biscuit, music on in the background, you’re sorted. Signature tune?

Walking on Sunshine. I just like to be happy – life’s too short to
be miserable!

Couldn’t be more romantic. Drum roll…. It’s fascinating fact time!

I can’t swim. Oh, and I can’t tie my shoelaces in one hoop – I can do two hoops. I was a strange child growing up.

We’re truly astonished. Make
us laugh…

What does Christmas lunch look like without the EU? No Brussels!

Right that’s enough Matthew, and thanks for being a marvellous Skip Hunk. Now back to work, and just make us a cuppa before you go.

GJF Fabrications