Home The Big Story Kiverco host successful compact plant demo days for dealers

Kiverco host successful compact plant demo days for dealers

Kiverco host successful compact plant demo days for dealers

Kiverco’s dealer conference and demo days have proved a great success, with the launch of the exciting, new Compact Plant range.

The event, which was well attended by the majority of Kiverco’s European dealers, began at the Glenavon Hotel, Cookstown in January, with presentations from the sales and marketing team highlighting key details of the compact plant.

The afternoon and subsequent days consisted of factory tours and demonstrations, where dealers got a chance to see the machines up close and watch them processing waste material.

This event for dealers was the ideal platform to launch the new Kiverco Compact Plant range, which currently consists of a Feeder Trommel, Picking Station and Density Separator.

Kiverco Compact: Mobility With Stationary Strength

Since its’ launch at the beginning of December, Kiverco has been consistent in outlining one key, unique feature of the new Compact Plant – all of the qualities and strength of a stationary plant, with the features of a mobile one.

These demonstrations allowed dealers to see this for themselves, and they were impressed with what they saw. With a fast set-up time and heavy duty build, they could immediately see how customers would no longer have to compromise with mobile equipment, and how they could now offer them a new way to handle waste.

The Compact Plant range from Kiverco is best suited to any operator who is currently processing waste manually, and would like to move to a more efficient way of working. The plant allows them to process up to 150m3 per hour.

The initial range includes a Feeder Trommel, Picking Station and Density Separator, and all components come with various options and configurations – offering the customer maximum flexibility to obtain a bespoke solution for waste handling needs.

Each component has been designed with the same uncompromising Kiverco characteristics of solid and robust engineering. They all offer fast, simple and safe on-site set-up capability, thus offering the option of rapid relocation if required with no cranes required during set up.

Based in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Kiverco oversee plants across the UK, helping to efficiently deal with waste processing in construction and demolition, industrial, commercial and municipal sites, and in waste derived fuel.