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Skip HUNK Sam Grears: November 2016

Skip HUNK Sam Grears: November 2016

Skip HUNK Sam Grears


He’s got the fly moves, and dust in bits where no dust should really ever be. Brace yourself for November’s Skip Hunk, loader operator Sam Grears…

Well that’s a snazzy set of hi-vis overalls you have there, Sam. Do share your age.

I’m 42.

And which marvellous business has the delight of welcoming your cheery face through the door every morning?

New West Gypsum Recycling Ltd. I’ve been here for 11 years.

Imagine it’s a fine place to work, staffed by dedicated professionals with our waste and recycling needs at their heart. Best bit for you?

The people I work with, they’re all total nut jobs.

And the worst part of the job?

The dust in my bits.

Nothing worse than a rear end rash, so get some talc on it and you’ll be fine. Bet there have been a few memorable moments at work though. Any you’d like to share?

About ten years ago I remember hearing keys jangling and whistling at the end of a night shift, when the place was empty.

Spooky! Bet that got the dust in your dumpster shifting. So, home time… what do you get up to?

My wife and kids take up all my time, I love them.

You big softy you {{hugs}}. Moving on, what did you dream of being when you were growing up?

I wanted to be an engineer at British Aerospace.

Not a patch on being a loader operator though. You’re an animal… what kind? 

A sloth, because I can be lazy sometimes.

You’ll burn loads of energy getting in and out of those dusty overalls every day. Perhaps that’s why they only go halfway up! So how do you refuel?

Mmmm steak! As rare as a woolly mammoth

Old and hairy. Unusual. Share with us who would be your dream Skip Chick.

My wife because she’s lush…and will be reading this…

Good move mate. Date night, and which fine establishment has the pleasure of hosting you and your lovely wife?  


Well, what girl could resist a well-fired quarter pounder? Give us a tune – what song sums you up?

Pretty Fly For a White Guy – because I’m fly!

Can’t argue with that. Now tell us one fascinating fact about yourself.nov hunk SAM 2

I can name almost every movie from the 70s to present day.

We’re impressed, although concerned that you should get out more. Last one, hit us with your best joke.

Two sausages are in a pan. One says to the other it’s hot in here. The other says OMG – a talking sausage!

Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, eat your heart out. So Sam lad, yank those overalls up, dust down your pants and get back to work. And thanks for being a jolly good Skip Hunk.

* New West Gypsum Recycling Ltd., Yara Estate, St. Andrews Road, Avonmouth