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Calling all you truckers, we got us a convoy this month. Skip Hunk Colin is in the driving seat. Copy 10-4?

That’s an impressive set of wheels. How many miles on that clock then Colin?

I’m a mere 43

And not looking a day over 42 and three quarters. So which fine establishment has the honour of employing you?

Oakbank Waste Management Ltd in Dumfries. I’m a chain lift skip wagon and drag driver.

That’s quite a mouthful. What’s the best bit about your job?

I love driving out and about with the tunes on, especially AC/DC blasting to get me in the mood.

Well you’ve got us in the mood with your Angus Young shorts and the legs.  Anything about the job that sends you screaming down that Highway to Hell?

Disregard for the driver, when it comes to loading of skips – that really annoys me.

Nothing worse than a badly loaded skip. Other than nuclear war, of course. So it’s home time, and where does the wide open road take you in your spare time?

Watching football, I’m a Rangers season ticket holder. And running, the feel good endorphins are brilliant and it’s an easy way to keep fit.

Our feel good endorphins are rising right now. Now, all that exercise requires good fuel. What’s your favourite food?

Pasta with bacon, or a king rib supper.

King rib and chips, the food of athletes.  Now while skip hire and recycling is fabulous, what did you REALLY want to do when you were younger?

I wanted to be a footballer. Then I watched the movie Convoy and wanted to be a lorry driver. So now I am doing the job I really wanted to.

Ten-four copy. Kris Kristofferson minus his shirt, a hot Ali McGraw, catchy theme tune and lots of exploding trucks, who doesn’t love Convoy? So if you’re Kris, who’s Ali?

Would have to be Jessica Ennis-Hill. She’s naturally beautiful and athletic, has a lovely smile and I could go out running with her.

Just so happens Jessica is free tonight, and the smokey bears are nowhere to be seen. So where’s your convoy heading?

I’d drive up the Californian coast, with the hood down.

Just the wind in your hair, and the bugs between your teeth.  Turn on the radio, which song sums you up?

Bryan Adams singing Straight from the Heart – because that’s me. I’m honest, and speak from the heart.

We love a good Eighties power ballad. Say you have the choice of being any kind of animal. What would you be?

An elephant, as I’ve already got the big ears. I just need the trunk now.

We’re sure you can buy something to help in that department off the internet. Tell us one fascinating fact about yourself.

I’ve run six marathons, including London twice.

Well Colin – you’ve certainly run us over with your zest for life. Thanks for being a fabulous Skip Hunk and keep on truckin’ buddy.  10-4, Over and out.