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She has a swanlike beauty and grace, but please DON’T mess with this month’s Skip Chick. Reveal all, CARLY….

Looking good Carly, but you can’t be old enough to drive that thing.

I’m 35 years young.

The years have been extremely kind to you. Now, where precisely do you work?

Bateman Skip Hire in Bristol and Bath. I’m a company director among many other things. I can turn my hand to most things.

Beauty, brains, power. An impressive combination. So what’s the best bit about your job?

I’d have to say working alongside my husband, mum, dad and brother.

Handy when it comes to remembering your workmate’s names. So what bits of the job could you do without?

Being in a confined space with them, when we’ve had a row! And, washing the trucks.

How dare they make you wash the trucks. We’re outraged for you. Home time – how do you relax?

Chilling out with a huge glass (bottle) of Rioja.

Daresay you really need it, after scrubbing down all those grotty wheel arches. Was this what you always saw yourself doing?

I would love to have been an interior designer. I did go back to college in my twenties and finished a course, but the family business was in need of my skills.

Well, interior design’s loss is skip hire’s gain. Now just imagine you’re an animal, what kind?

My daughter thinks I’m a swan.

Beauty, grace, but please don’t get angry – swans have been known to drown their rivals! Useful for the family to know next time there’s one of those rows. Now spread those swan-like wings and fly off on holiday – where to? 

I really want to go swimming with whales and sharks in the Maldives. Until I can afford it, a little place in Rhodes called Pefkos is my idea of perfection.

Speaking of perfect, what’s your perfect meal?

Fillet steak, rare. Yum!

Every Skip Chick needs a Skip Hunk. Who makes your heart beat a little faster?

My husband, he’s a perfect mix of David Beckham and Matthew McConaughey. (I know he’ll be reading this…)

Imagine he’ll be quite pleased with that description. Now off you go on a date. Where to?

Another holiday, but I’ll settle for a meal somewhere with plenty of wine.

We’re sensing a ‘wine’ theme here. Now tell us something amazing about yourself.

I remember numbers really well. I booked a restaurant in Greece by remembering the number from last year. It’s weird.

Watch out Dynamo. Now make us laugh. Can we have a quick joke please? 

Two snowmen in a field. One said to the other, ‘It absolutely stinks of carrots around here’.

Well Carly, you’ve definitely melted our icy hearts. Thanks for being an excellent Skip Chick.


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