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Fibre Recycling Demand Creates More Opportunities for Independent Operators

Fibre Recycling Demand Creates More Opportunities for Independent Operators

Cardboard and paper recycling is an industry in ascendancy. According to the Confederation of Paper Industries, 7,976 million tonnes of used fibre was recovered in the UK in 2015 alone, of which 4,880 million tonnes was exported and used by paper mills around the world. China was one of the major recipients of this output, and for the first time their paper mills used more material derived from the UK than domestic producers.

However, it’s not just the large players that are benefiting from this growing demand.  Independent recycling specialists such as Hampshire-based Ecogen have seen significant growth over the past 18 months, which their Commercial Director, James Lewis, attributes as much to reliability and superior customer service than to their ability to offer market leading rebates.ecogen
James commented: “We’re seeing a far greater expectation of professionalism from our suppliers, which for our business means collecting waste when we say we will and offering tailored account management that is so often lacking with larger operators.  It is through this raising of standards that smaller recycling companies are winning and retaining their slice of market share and in our case growing market share”.
James continued: “In this demanding market place, there’s no substitute for reliability and efficiency and if you can offer that and remain competitive, there’s no reason why you can’t challenge the traditionally larger players.”

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