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Quality Control Guidelines for Recovered Paper

The production of quality secondary raw materials is a constant priority for the paper recycling industry to compete with and substitute virgin materials.

Hence, EuRIC, through its paper recycling Branch, ERPA, and FEAD have continuously supported and will further support the work done by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on Pulp, Paper & Board.

Recycled paper is a raw material subject to European quality standards for more than twenty years since EN 643 Standard, which benefited from the work done by CEPI and ERPA, was adopted and published in 1994 and updated since then.

EuRIC and FEAD took notice of the revised version of the “Paper for Recycling Control Guidelines” published beginning of April by CEPI, the Confederation European Paper Industries. It seems that CEPI undertook this revision to “facilitate a common understanding of the revised EN 643 standard” and “facilitate commercial relationships” between suppliers of recovered paper and paper mills.

However, these guidelines, unilaterally published by CEPI, have neither been co-signed by EuRIC nor FEAD. We therefore consider that these revised guidelines do not bind our Members’ Associations or the waste management and recycling companies we represent.

Instead, EuRIC and FEAD members are committed to give clear priority to the on-going work by CEN developing standards and/or technical specifications supporting the implementation of the revised EN 643 Standard. Our members consider this as a crucial first step before assessing the need for additional joint industry “recommendations”.euric

Signed by the following organisations:

European Recycling Industries’ Confederation
European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD)