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Skip Hire Team Become The Unusual Suspects

Skip Hire Team Become The Unusual Suspects

You will have heard of The Usual Suspects – but how about this lot, who dressed up for a photoshoot as The Unusual Suspects!

In a tribute to the film, the guys and gals at Skip Hire towers donned their gear and recreated the iconic movie moment.

Kerry, Adam, Ric, Hilary and Andrew posed and preeened and eventually got the image in the bag.

The gear was dodgy, and the acting atrocious, but your SHM team put the fun into film and the end result was, well – you make your mind up.

There was more ham floating around than in a butchers, and before the show a mirror or two was worn out, by some of the members as they tried to look their very best for the photographer.

It might have been cheesy, but your magazine staff had the time of their lives and are promising to repeat the experience with yet another classic movie in the future.

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