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Skip Chick Abbey from Buchanan Skip Hire, Livingston

Skip Chick Abbey from Buchanan Skip Hire, Livingston

By Sandra Dick

Our Skip Chicks are always in a league of their own, beautiful roses amongst the thorns of the skip hire industry. But this month’s lovely lass is a double dose of perfection. 

Before you jump in that there truck… are you actually old enough to drive?

I’m all of 19

And as if we can’t guess, which lucky skip hire business has the pleasure of paying your wages?

Buchanan Skip Hire, Livingston, West Lothian.

We know we shouldn’t assume anything, but with well-groomed looks like those we’re guessing you’re not spending your days driving that big old truck. So what do you do?

Office admin is my speciality

The very heart and soul of any good skip hire business. So what is the best bit about your job?

The people in the office, and the banter.

And while the boss isn’t looking, which bits of the job could you happily dispose of in the nearest skip?

The dust and dirt!

Bet you can’t wait to get home at the end of a busy day, and wash off all that dust while reading a well-thumbed copy of Skip Hire Magazine. Correct?

I like to go out with my friends, shopping, walking my dog, and getting my nails done.

You wound us with your disloyalty. Never mind, we’re guessing that when you were growing up, you must have dreamed of being a Skip Chick. What else could you possibly want to be?

A princess!

Think you’ll find that role is grossly over-rated. Having to laugh at Prince Harry’s jokes is bound to be tiring. Plus all those frogs you’d have to kiss. Talking of the animal kingdom, what kind of creature sums you up?

A panda, because they get to sleep all day!

But all that boring bamboo… isn’t there some favourite food you’d miss?

Ikea Meatballs! They are amazing!

Oooh! Pick us up some handy plastic storage containers while you’re there. Now every Skip Chick needs some company, who’s your ideal Skip Hunk?

Zac Efron, he is a straight up 10

Understandable. All those rippling muscles, the pretty boy looks. But you’d think he could occasionally wear a shirt. Especially as he’s whisking you off to… well…where?

Vegas, to spend all of his money!

Go girl. Stick a couple of million on the red for us. Now tell us one fascinating fact about yourself.

I’m a twin!

Wait… what?! There are two of you? We’re sensing that our Skip Hire Mag readership just perked up right there. As if they’re not smiling enough, give our lovely readers a laugh.

What’s the difference between Snowmen and Snowladies?


And it takes plenty of those to be such a sassy Skip Chick. Thanks Abbey – there’s no one like you, apart from your twin, of course.