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Skip Company of the Month

FullSizeRenderName of business:

Greenline Environmental ltd



Number of employees:


What areas do you cover?

London and the South East

What is the history of the company? Who set it up, and when?

It was set up four years ago by Darryn Hodges, who was in the refurbishment sector for a while. He looked at the waste side of things and thought there was a bit of a shortcoming in the market, especially in waste services out of hours, so decided to start up. The business has grown since then and is now well established in the Borough of London.

What services do you offer?

Essentially, we are a waste management company and operate around London 24 hours a day, collecting a variety of waste streams. We collect WEEE, mixed construction, general waste, recyclable goods and transport to the relevant locations, whilst trying to achieve 100% landfill diversion all the time.

Is there anyone in the business who deserves a special mention?

We can’t praise our employees high enough. They have all bought into the same ethos. Because of the nature of the work that comes in, which can be slightly sporadic at times, you need your men to be flexible and to accept that sometimes, they won’t be working from 8am until 4pm, Monday to Friday. Our staff are absolutely brilliant. They are completely flexible, which is what we have to be to get the work done. If we wasn’t, we wouldn’t get the volume of work we do and they all understand that. We get asked to go to all sorts of places late at night. There is nowhere to take your waste at that time, but we do it and that’s because we’re committed to the projects we’re on.

What are the best things about working there?

The team ethic. Everybody works hard and puts in 110%.

What are the hardest things you face as a business?

Disposal out of hours.

What do you like best about the skip hire industry?

It’s so diverse. We could be picking up electronics one minute, refurb or recycling the next from a posh shop, from Oxford Street or Park Lane or somewhere. The people we meet are just as good. The good thing about what we do – is you can use your personality to make your day go better. In the waste industry, we think your personality can help your job. You can go out and enjoy the day and be that happy chappy who has a laugh with people, but also if you’re extremely polite and courteous – it works every time.

What do you like the least about the skip hire industry?

Opening times of disposal sites. You’re up against it sometimes. People can have a funny view of waste companies and general rubbish collection in general. That’s one downside – people’s perception of what we really do. People are unaware of what we, as an industry go through to dispose of their waste.

Also, some of the legislation regarding moving things like fridges etc. they are creating more problems, by making it too difficult. It’s like they are testing you on your ability to complete the paperwork, rather than do the right thing.

What one change would you make to the industry?

Make it easier to dispose of things like fridges. Display that you’ve done it properly, but don’t be so picky about the paperwork. We’re trying to get it right, but you can’t take them anywhere. And, they are just the tip of the iceberg. The disposal of anything electrical is tricky as well.

What skip company – other than your own – do you admire?

There are a few we admire: Westminster Waste as they are small and independent, we get on really well with them. We like the fact that they are doing things properly and they are 100% landfill diversion and are a growing company. The biggest one that we admire is Powerday, one of the best places you can take your waste. They, to us are the height of recycling. They are awesome and a great company to work with. Not a single thing goes in the ground and that’s why we like working with them. It also helps to shows that we are doing the right thing and we don’t just take the waste anywhere.

Has your company developed any new parts of the business in the past few years?

We’re going to be going into trade waste next year. Because of the nature of the people we work for, such as big waste management companies and brokers, it’s just second nature that we’re going to go into trade waste. So, within six to eight months, we’ll put a trade waste wagon on the road and start serving all the local areas.

What makes your company stand out from the competition?

We do what it says on the tin. We pick up people’s waste and dispose of it at a designated transfer station and show them how it got there.

What do you like most about Skip Hire Magazine?

It’s very well presented. It’s also very detailed. It seems to cover all sorts and is established within the industry and is well known.