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Small player, big impact in the waste sector

International Tyre and Wheel Solutions (ITWS) started life nine years ago, by focusing on providing a customer-centred tyre sourcing service. The company was set up with a mission not just to supply tyres, but provide advice to business on reducing tyre costs and maximising tyre life.

Les Williams, the founder, decided to go it alone in 2006 following a successful career spanning 35 years in the tyre sector. Using his well-established contacts Les spotted the opportunity to source and supply non-standard industrial tyres for customers in a wide range of sectors including waste, scrap and ports, to name a few.  This included the innovative range of SG Revolution super cushion solid tyres discovered during a business trip to the USA.

SG tyres have subsequently become the must-have, puncture-free solution for industry, particularly in waste & recycling operations.

Les negotiated with the manufacturer, Shun Gin Technology, to become exclusive distributor in the UK & Europe for the full SG Revolution range and, whilst sales were slow to start, ITWS concentrated on receiving approvals from all the OE manufacturers and once this was achieved sales have grown year on year; even through the recession.

Targeting the waste & recycling sector with large investments in marketing, premises and people has been a cornerstone of the company’s success. ITWS has attended major shows and exhibitions in the UK and across Europe, invested in large office and warehousing premises, appointed sub-dealers and extended the UK based team to maintain their well-renowned customer service ethos.

An indication of the importance of ITWS to the manufacturer was evidenced back in 2010 when ‘Reach’ legislation (limiting the impact of PAH’s -polycyclic-aromatic hydrocarbons – on the environment) was introduced for all tyres being used in Europe. After in-depth negotiations Les persuaded the factory in Thailand to change their global production processes to accommodate the legislation.

The relationship between the Shun Gin family and ITWS is one based on mutual respect and success. Whilst Les is happy to use his expertise to help the manufacturer develop in new markets, the family is equally supportive of ITWS; frequently visiting the company on their trips to the UK.

This year, as ITWS gears up for its 9th appearance at the RWM show at the NEC, It looks set to become the best in its history. The company continues to supply independent businesses with replacement machine tyres, but has also worked hard with the major OEM’s to approve the tyres for factory fit all over Europe.

Following the introduction of wheel rims into its product portfolio, widely used in the company’s unique service exchange scheme, the company is now poised to supply fully-assembled wheel sets to customers. As ever, this is aimed at supporting customers by reducing machine down time with a complete set fitting in normally under two hours; ask any customer and they will tell you that’s a huge saving in both time and money.