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One year on, Inglenorth contracting proves Hyva’s lightweight super – versatile FC137 cylinder is truly heavy duty

In the ultra-demanding world of site clearance, demolition and muckaway, the equipment tipper operators need really has to offer genuinely heavy duty performance.

Precisely to address this operating requirement, three years ago Hyva launched the FC137 tipping cylinder into the UK, an all-new separate ram and tank design that perhaps has one notable feature above all others – an average weight (depending upon its specification for individual tipper chassis) of just 450kgs.

Not only is the FC137 some 40kgs lighter than Hyva’s previous heavy duty combined ram and tank cylinder, but at 450kgs the FC137 also matches the lightest cylinders from the competition that are specifically NOT offered for heavy duty applications.

In this way, FC137 offers tipper operators the unique combination of light weight and heavy duty operation, as Lancashire – based Inglenorth Contracting has proved.

“We took a pair of DAF CFs fitted with Abba heavy duty steel bodies and the FC137 a year ago, and they’ve been absolutely faultless” says Inglenorth’s General Manager Stuart Campbell. “The trucks have to turn their hand to any job whatsoever, with some 90% of their time working on demolition, site clearance and muckshifting. In such an arduous environment, complete vehicle reliability is always our No. 1 operating requirement.”

Based in Standish near Wigan, Inglenorth Contracting operates either as a stand – alone demolition service or as part of a wider in – house activity that includes the disposal and recycling of waste materials as well as full site remediation. Operating its own recycling facility, Inglenorth tippers bring all manner of demolition materials in for reprocessing. The company’s extensive crushing facilities then enable brick, concrete and stone to be easily transformed into valuable sub – base products, piling mats and road construction materials.

As a key part of Hyva’s latest Alpha range of tipping cylinders, FC137’s low weight and high performance provides tipper operators with an unrivalled level of versatility. Unlike other lightweight tipping gears that have been ‘scaled up’ from  26 tonnes / 6×4 tipper designs, FC137 has a genuine lift capacity of 32 tonnes, making it more than capable of handling any UK 8×4 application.

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