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Waste operational management systems – industry feedback from the professionals

Bid Data concept The waste industry is booming. It is also facing a period of tough challenges. Red tape, protocol, ever-changing  regulations and ongoing consultations make the future unpredictable for some. Savvy waste managers are  implementing sophisticated software to run their management operations with a view to improving their business  practices, increasing productivity and generally running a more efficient, safe and law-abiding business.

 With the plethora of new technologies targeted towards the waste industry and the markets within it, we speak  to waste management owners who have implemented (OMS) software into their businesses and find out how it  has impacted their bottom line.

Waste OMS, VWS PurGo manages live data from the devices inside the vehicle. These include PDAs (personal  digital assistants), weighbridges, trackers and telemetry systems. Customer service and satisfaction is improved  with the open access to real-time monitoring of live waste data.  Legal compliance is observed and the system can  pinpoint and capture data such as bad recycling habits, missed and inaccessible bins.

Andy Gibbons, who recently invested in the system says, “It uses technology such as in-cab PDAs to schedule work  and capture data.  It can link on-board systems such as bin-weighing, CCTV systems, telematics/CANbus and has a  web-portal and smartphone app for billing and reporting.  It also integrates well with back office sales and accounting packages such as Salesforce, Sage and Coda.

“The system has made such a positive difference to our business. For the first time ever we are doing our invoicing in-house, instead of employing another company to do it.  We can monitor each customer’s load much more effectively, and therefore charge accordingly, and keep better track of Direct Debits, which is helping us to sustain a more profitable business.

“Until now, we had always employed external suppliers to provide accounting services but since this system has been installed, the company has brought all of its functions back in-house.”

Some waste companies implement OMS solutions that are unique to them. Jaqueline O’Donovan invested £80,000 in developing a system with company insurers, HDI-Gerling UK, to monitor data and as a training tool to improve driver behaviour for their fleet of 85 vehicles.

Data retrieved from the system since its inception 12 months ago has proved to be highly effective and has provided accurate metrics to judge driver performance.

The analytics show that driving has been smarter, smoother, safer and that there has also been a reduction in fuel consumption. Insurance claim frequency has seen a 60% drop and driver incidents reduced by a quarter. These incidents include driving behaviours such as acceleration, braking, lane discipline, as well as collisions.

The system enables driver behaviour to be monitored in real time and driving patterns to be identified. To encourage performance improvements amongst its drivers, league tables have also been introduced for best and worst performers, as well as a driver of the week.

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