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Skip Company of the Month

bryn group bannerName of business:

Bryn Group with a number of subsidiary companies including Bryn Recycling



Nelson, South Wales


Number of employees:



What is the history of the company? Who set it up, and when?


The Price family have owned and farmed at Gelliargwellt Farm since 1902. In 1974, Price and Company was founded and today we still farm over 1000 acres and have a milking herd of 650 cows.


During the 1980s, the economic downturn meant diversifying was paramount for the family farm. A contract for waste spoils from a local construction was the start, and the reopening of an old quarry followed suit. Spoil was accepted and aggregates sold. We are now one of the most significant recycling companies in South Wales.


In 1996, Bryn Quarry was established.  Blue Pennant sandstone was extracted whilst hard-core, soils and builders’ rubble were recycled. The new millennium heralded increased demand for recycling. We began composting green waste and chipping wood for animal bedding to be used by our growing dairy herd.

We achieved PAS100 accreditation in 2004.


In 2009, Bryn Quarry was accredited with a Green Compass PAS402 certificate pilot scheme, one of only 10 companies in Wales; achieving landfill diversion rates of 85%.


This year we achieved ISO9001, 14001 and 18001. Currently under construction is a 35,000 tonne per annum Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant.


Is there anyone in the business who deserves a special mention?

Key to our success is our good management team amongst who are Paul Colley, our site manager, and Robert Thomas, our finance manager. These stalwarts are ably assisted by weighbridge operator and wind-up merchant Neal Richards, we think that he could have a joke with the queen and get away with it!


What services do you offer?

We support local councils, skip and utility companies by offering a complete recycling service. We take all skip sizes, with all sorts of products. We recycle soils, wood, food waste, green waste, plastic, metal, plaster board, carpets, mattresses, sofas, builder rubble, hard-core, and stone. We produce and sell soil, compost, RDF, high PSV aggregates and recycled aggregates.


What are the best things about working there?

The comradery of the workforce and our customers. Sometimes you have days where you feel everything is going wrong, but there’s always someone ready to take the mick out of you to remind you of what’s important.


What do you like best about the skip hire industry?

The ever changing demands of customers means there is always something new to try to recycle and we love a good challenge.


What do you like the least about the skip hire industry?

The people making rules and regulation only spend three or four days a year at grass roots level. Unfortunately such a limited time does not give them a full understanding of the problems we face.


What one change would you make to the industry?

Better education for the decision makers leading to sustainable markets for the materials we recycle.


What skip company – other than your own – do you admire?

We admire Walters Group, which began life as a small company; they have worked hard, taken risks, and developed into one of Wales’ top companies.


What is your relationship like with the other skip hire companies in your area?

We have a great relationship with all the skip companies that deposit waste at our site; supporting their businesses by not being in competition and providing a local transfer and recycling centre.


Has your company developed any new parts of the business in the past few years?

We have just finished installing two new ten-man picking lines in our purpose built 60,000 square foot MRF. One line handles the light and the other, the heavy fractions. We have storage areas for all the different recycled product. As mentioned, we are currently developing an AD facility.


What makes your company stand out from your competition?

We offer a high quality service, and we can recycle materials that other companies are unable to do so.  The products we produce are of the highest quality and this is shown by the number of customers that keep coming back to us. Last year we achieved 93% recycling rate and hopefully with our new building, we will improve on that figure.


What do you like most about Skip Hire Magazine?

The magazine gives the industry a strong voice. It is so important to have such a well-informed publication pushing the issues of our industry.

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