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Kappa load of this!

Smurfit Kappa Recycling Girls We get inundated with requests from the industries finest ladies who want to appear in our magazine. This month,  we were delighted when we were approached by not one, not two, but three gorgeous Skip Chicks from Smurfit  Kappa Recycling in Kent. Take it away ladies…

 What are your names?

Jane Head, Jeannette Shelley and Sarah Lesting

 And, how young are you all?

We’re 47, 34 and 28 respectively

 A diverse age range, something for every Skip Hunk out there. What do you do?

Operations Supervisor, Depot Administrator and Commercial Manager

 Wow, brains as well as beauty. What’s the best part of your job?

JH: Working with some fantastic people and getting paid for it

JS: All the eye candy

SL: Lunchtime – the canteen here on site is amazing

Sounds like a fabulous place to work – nice people, plenty of Skip Hunks and yummy food. What more could a Skip Chick want? If you were an animal, what would you be? And why?  

JH: A black widow spider… Domination issues!

JS: A hyena… I laugh a lot much to my boss’s annoyance

SL: A puffer fish… Deceptively cute but when threatened, very dangerous 

Jane, you do know this is Skip Hire Magazine and not FHM don’t you? So, put that whip down. Jeanette, we love your laugh and Sarah; we are now scared… If you had to take one thing to a desert island what would it be?

JH: My dream Skip Hunk, just to keep me fit of course

JS: A fishing net

SL: Chocolate

So, you’ll capture the hunks in your nets, keep them there (for fitness of course), and then when you’re all done, chomp on some chocolate. We think it’s a conspiracy to create the perfect Skip Chick Island. OK, so who would be your perfect Skip Hunks?

JH: Jesse Pavelka fitness guru. He is just so HOT!

JS: Kit Harrington

SL: Kelly Slater

If they came round for tea, what would you cook?

JH: Sod the cooking!

JS: Me on a plate with no dressing

SL: Shark, can you cook shark?

Jane, we can’t argue with that one! Jeanette, you’ve got the editorial team in a right kerfuffle and Sarah, as long as its shark and not puffer fish, we will let you off! How will becoming Skip Chicks change your lives?

JH: It would make my life complete and I could retire from the public spotlight

JS: It would be another milestone in my modelling career

SL: I’ll be mocked for weeks, but I’ll be a better person for it because I’ll blush next time something mortifying happens

Sarah, yes you will be a better person for being a Skip Chick, not many chicks can say they have had the privilege of adorning our centre pages. Describe yourselves in three words:

JH: Classy, dedicated and a perfectionist

JS: Passionate, popular and late

SL: Driven, modest and caring

Ladies… what can we say? Thank you for being perfect examples of Skip Chickiness…








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