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Hyva’s Titan radio remote skiploader signals a new era in both safety and productivity

Officially launched at this month’s TIP-Ex Show, Hyva’s unique radio controlled TRR skiploader signals a completely new era in skiploader safety and productivity.

Called Titan Radio Remote (TRR), this latest addition to Hyva UK’s unrivalled skiploader product range is the first of its kind to bring crane – based wireless electro – hydraulic operating technologies into the skiploader marketplace. As a result, the TRR system has the twin advantages of being both readily familiar and fully proven.

However, the single greatest benefit of operating skiploaders by remote control is safety. Now, for the first time, a skiploader driver can fully walk around his / her vehicle at the same time as they are conducting the loading / unloading procedure. With the operator having a full view of the immediate working environment, the potential for accidents and incidental damage is reduced to almost zero.

Built on an 18 tonnes gvw DAF LF chassis, one of the first Hyva TRR units has been supplied to Translease Services of Woking in Surrey.

Translease director Tim Scott is in no doubt about the extra advantages that the TRR system offers, “The fact is that skiploaders often have to operate in either confined or perhaps semi off-road conditions, where container handling can be difficult at best.

“When using conventional fixed control levers – usually mounted towards the front offside of the bodywork – the skiploader driver is effectively confined to that spot and thus has very limited vision of the key working area around the rear of the truck. In contrast, TRR allows the operator complete mobility with a full view of the actual working area. Not only can potential hazards be easily avoided, but the placing of skips can now be much more accurate too.

“The other big gain is that TRR also allows the whole operating cycle to be considerably speeded up as well. Radio remote control is therefore a key advance for the skip industry, and one that will inevitably become a standard requirement in the not too distant future.”

Speaking for Hyva UK, National Sales Manager Mike Taylor notes that whilst his company is already the clear market leader for skiploaders, “It’s absolutely vital that we keep pushing our products to the next level.

“In terms of operating safety, TRR offers the industry nothing less than a quantum leap forward. We also calculate that the extra cost of the TRR specification will easily be repaid – not only by reduced bills for maintenance, repairs and insurance, but also through real productivity gains made by speeding up the whole operating procedure.”

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