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B&M Waste vehicles 100% safety commitment

B&M Waste Vehicles 1005 Safety CommittmentFor over ten years, recycling-led waste management company, B&M Waste Services, have sited cameras on 100% of waste vehicles. This is part of B&M’s ‘Every Day a Safe Day’ H&S programme which operates across the B&M operation nationwide.

In recent years B&M Waste have partnered up with Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, to implement their ‘Refuse not Refuge’ campaign to prevent those requiring shelter from taking such in waste containers. This campaign has had significant impact on raising the awareness of the dangers of seeking refuge in waste containers. This has been coupled with B&M’s work to support the charity, whose main aim is to assist those who are homeless or at risk of losing their homes.

Ann McMurrie, B&M’s EQHSE Manager commented “The important safety measure of utilising camera technology on our vehicles was identified many years ago. We installed cameras located in the drivers cab, as well as at the rear of all vehicles to prevent accidents from happening. We also have a stringent training scheme whereby all drivers receive guidance on checking waste containers before loading them onto the vehicles for emptying, as well as utilising the cameras as an extra pair of eyes. In recent years we have upgraded the equipment to include a live feed to head office to further monitor to alleviate the rijodisk of accidents happening

“Our 100% commitment to health and safety is something which has been a long-standing ethos ingrained in the operations of the company. Our work with Shelter has further aided the removal of risk and we are proud of this relationship. We’ve even branded up trucks to further support the charity.

Established 60 years, B&M Waste Services are a Carbon Neutral waste recycling company who operate throughout the UK. Health & Safety is, and will remain top priority.