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Boughton adds ‘remote’ possibilities!

Boughton Engineering has added a remote control option to its highly successful Power-Reach® PR18 skip loader – enabling the operative to chose the position of optimum vision and safety for loading and unloading. The option is one of the innovative features fitted to Boughton’s first ‘cycle safety’ compliant vehicle, mounted on a low profile Mercedes-Benz Econic chassis.

Boughton Group Sales and Marketing Director Steve Price says, “We work hard to stay in front of the market when it comes to innovation and systems which provide operating benefits and improved safety in, on or around the vehicle. Adding a full remote control option is a natural step.

“All these systems and features are far more easily added during build, rather than retrofitted later. As we design and manufacture the whole skip loader unit here in the UK, we can and do have systems and supply chain partners embedded with our own engineers during production. This also means that the vehicle is ‘complete and compliant’ in the context of Whole Vehicle Type Approval when it leaves the factory.”

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