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May’s Skip Hunk

hunky benRemember the 90s, with the whole ‘new man’ phenomenon? The fashion of sarong-wearing, eyebrow-plucking, scooter-riding, sensitive males that came out of the woodwork? Well, we didn’t take to them either, preferring a good old fashioned fella who would watch the match, put up a shelf and down a pint in five seconds – all at the same time. Thankfully, we now live in the Age of the Bloke and Ben, our skip hunk for May, is the poster boy. Wielding a shovel, a sleeve of tattoos and nothing on under his high viz vest, this man is the perfect antidote to New Man. Thank goodness for that…

Ben, put down your shovel and sit down for a chat. What do you do?

I’m the assistant transport manager at AB Waste Disposal in Nottinghamshire

How long have you worked there?

 Seven months

 And what’s the best part of your job?

It’s a family-run business and I’m the only one in the office that isn’t actual family, but they’ve adopted me as one of their own, so it’s a really nice environment to work in.

 Well, you must have impressed them! What’s the worst bit about your job?

The mud and dust. My car seems to need cleaning on an hourly basis.

Ben, you work in waste, what did you expect?! Tell us who your favourite colleague is…

I don’t really have a favourite, we’re all family so I bicker with them equally.

How democratic of you! What are your hobbies?

I love tattoo art, so I’m slowly running out of gaps. I’m also a nerd so I spend way too much time playing games online.

If you were an animal, what would you be? And why? I’d be the ridiculously photogenic horse (an internet meme for the uninitiated) that guy looks awesome!  

We must confess, that horse is very attractive! Favourite film?

The 25th Hour. Not many people have seen it but it’s a masterpiece.

We’ll check it out! What’s your favourite food?

I’m on a diet, so I constantly crave bread, stilton and red wine.

Favourite TV programme?

Game Of Thrones, duh duh der duh duh duh de duh duh duh.

Who would your dream skip chick be?

Kate Upton. Everyone could appreciate that.

For the conversation, right?! Where would you take her out on a date?

We’d do something fun, so maybe a day snowboarding.

Who would play you in a film based on your life?

Ideally Justin Timberlake, in reality… probably Sean Bean.

Sean Bean is the thinking woman’s crumpet, we’ll have you know! Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

My eyes change colour daily from green, blue brown or grey.

Crikey – Kate Upton would love that! Finally, tell us a joke.

Why should you never approach a guy attempting to steal your gate? He may take a fence.

Yeaaaah, don’t bother telling Kate that one. Right, Ben, stop fantasising about snowboarding with an underwear model – get back to work!

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