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Bath’s very own double dip

Skip.chicks.2Spring is finally here, which means the sun is shining, the windows are down and the tunes are up. We had a lovely message on Twitter with these delightful ladies wanting to get involved with Skip Chick and we couldn’t resist. We bet there will be lots of wolf whistles down the yard with this month’s mag, take it away ladies….


OK, Bath Beauties… What are your names?

CR: Charlotte Ridings

EG: Emma Gould


And, what do you do at Bath Skips?

CR: Office Manager

EG: Administrative Assistant


And, how old are you both?

CR: 23

EG: 18


How long have you worked there?

CR: 1 year and 2 months

EG: 1 year


What’s the worst part of your job?

CR: The pressure of the job, sometimes it’s a driving force but when it’s not it can get pretty tough…

EG: Customers with zero personal hygiene


Pooh, stinky! You must need some strong air freshener. What’s the best part of your job?

CR: Getting positive customer feedback and being called a star!

EG: Working with such an experienced and lovely team


You certainly look lovely to us! Who is your favourite colleague, and why?

CR: Obviously it’s Emma; we make a great duo and always have a laugh

EG: Obviously Charlotte, because she’s hilarious and she’s a doer!


What type of thing do you get up to when you’re outside of work and avoiding the aroma of your customers?

CR: Catching up on sleep and seeing friends and family

EG: Horse riding and socialising

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

CR: An archaeologist or a marine biologist

EG: A princess… and I still do!


Well you’re certainly the princess of the skip world this month! If you were an animal, what would you be? And why?

CR: I would be a pug! I love sleeping, eating, cuddles and meeting new people. I’d be the happiest pug in the world.

EG: A horse, because they are majestic and beautiful


Beautiful animals! Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

CR: I can drive 20 ton excavators

EG: I can’t fry an egg


You’re yolking?! Favourite film?

CR: Pulp Fiction

EG: The Butterfly Effect


Favourite TV programme?

CR: Breaking Bad

EG: Prison Break


Hmmmm one on his way to prison and one on his way out! Are you sure you’re both office workers? OK, Favourite band/singer?

CR: Beyonce

EG: The Weeknd (no typo) 


If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

CR: I would run an animal shelter for unwanted animals of any kind

EG: A fashion designer


Who would your dream skip hunk be?

CR: Bradley Cooper

EG: Jamie Dornan minus the beard


There’s nothing wrong with a bit of hair (as long as it’s not in the food). So, if Bradley and Jamie came round for tea, what would you cook?

CR: Borsin stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon with broccoli and sweet potatoes chips

EG: I don’t know what I would cook, but I’d knock his socks off with my white chocolate cheesecake


Just don’t knock his beard off! How will becoming a skip chick change your life?

CR: It will hopefully bring us one step closer to our MTV reality TV show dream

EG: I’m with Charlotte on this one, someone find us an agent!



Britain, I think we’ve found your talent!

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