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Steve Hoppe is appointed Managing Director of MJL

MJL Skip Master are delighted to announce a new Managing Director to drive the business forward in 2105.

The waste and recycling solutions company who specialise in the design, manufacture and refurbishment of skips is going through a transition period after having the same owner for over 30 years.

Steve says: “MJL Skip Master was set up back in 1980 by my stepfather. He felt it was time to retire and there was no-one else to take the business over. I was in a different job; I was working in the power industry before as a maintenance manager. It was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down; to take this on and hopefully move the business forward into the 21st century.”

Steve is using a whole new digital strategy to drive awareness to the new-look website and is even trying his hand at social media to let his clients and potential customers find out more about the wider range of products MJL Skip Master has to offer.

“Through personal experience, if anyone needs anything, the first place they go is straight online. We’ve never been particularly digitised in this company; all that is changing now. I’ve even set up a LinkedIn page.”

“One of our main, big sellers is our front-end loader. Because that’s been what everyone wanted, that’s what we’ve actively advertised, but we do a full range of other stuff as well.”

“We do RELs, open-topped and closed skips. A customer a few weeks ago never even knew we did open and closed skips.”

Steve is keen to tap into the SME market and partner with companies who may not already be aware of the products and services that MJL Skip Master has to offer. He says, “I want to actively get involved with smaller companies. I want to deal with those who only order ten bins a year.”

Steve has a background in engineering, which makes him a suitable MD for MJL Skip Master. He says, “Nuts, bolts, bits of metals, it’s always been in my blood. In the last few years, I’ve been leading the maintenance department in the power stations; I was very involved with projects. It was like running a business in many ways.”

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