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Best kit I ever bought

haulaway2.jpegName: Haulaway Ltd

Business: Skip, Rolonof, Grab & Tipper Hire

Type of business: Recycling and Waste Management Services

Location covered: East Sussex

What was the best kit you ever bought?

Galaxy Marathon Fully Automatic Baler

How has it improved your business?

We previously operated a semi-auto baler that was slow in the production of the bales and in some cases fell short on bale weights, coupled with the manual tire of the metal bands it made this a somewhat laborious  task to produce a good quality bale. As a result it took a lot of time to gain enough stock to market the commodities we collected and recycled and meant that we couldn’t really get a foothold into the recycling rebate markets. If we did, the rebates were somewhat poor due to the fact that the materials were, in some cases, light and not easy to move. We then took the bold step of investing in a fully automatic baling system and haven’t looked back. This machine has a compression rate of 110tons over the 65tons of the semi; therefore bale weights have never been an issue and are always achieved. The bales are now more uniformed for container collections which have opened up brand new markets for our business. The speed at which we can now produce enough material is phenomenal over the semi. For example, it would take us around 15-20 mins to do a bale of cardboard, it now takes around  six minutes, so to do a container load of either OCC, mixed ridged plastics, films or PP Bags can be done well within one working day.

Did it deliver a good return on investment?

We only purchased this last year and with the subsequent investment of the new facility we are not there yet. However, with the support of the markets, it won’t be long before we see the investment returns.

Did you experience any teething problems?

Like all new kit, we had a few minor hiccups, but nothing to worry about. The only one that really springs to mind is we forgot how powerful this machine was and had to watch the bale weights as this could have meant we overloaded the containers.

How soon will it need replacing?

We always pride ourselves on how we look after the equipment and with this investment it should see us good for a number of years. With regards to replacing, the way the future is looking and what this has done, I can see an additional baler coming on line.

When it comes to replacing, will you stick to the same model, or look around for a different brand?

We are always open to other brands however so far so good with this piece of kit so I would suggest that the Marathon Balers are well in the running.

Would you recommend it to other skip hire companies?

You really need the throughput to justify such an investment and it’s not for the faint hearted, hence why so many use the facility than going down the route of a straight purchase. You need this housed internally and due to the amount of stock you need and how many bales you need per container your site needs to be more than adequate and for that reason it’s why we have built the new facility.

What lasting effects has the kit made to your company?

This simple but effective equipment has seen Haulaway go in a new direction and has made us preferred suppliers of our recycling business to some of the bigger organisations in the region as we can now offer a recycling solution that meets their ethos. Without this kit, we wouldn’t have invested in the new facility at Polegate creating jobs and recycling sustainability for the local environment and businesses alike.

Does it affect the wider community?

This part of our business has created jobs, provided a local outlet for other local waste companies and is securing recycling within the East Sussex area preventing various waste streams going into landfill.



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