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Make 2015 your year to recycle

With further changes to Landfill Tax due this April, it is important to make 2015 the year to recycle, for those in the waste management industry, who have not yet introduced changes to their processes.

The Flex X Tract and Max X Tract Density Separators, which won a CIWM award in 2013 for environmental excellence, are designed to separate materials less than 100mm at a processing rate of 100 tonnes per hour to give you higher value materials, whilst reducing the amount of material going to costly landfill. Valuable materials can be separated from waste such as metals, wood, plastics, paper, bricks, stone and organics.

Over the last few years, Worsley Plant, who supply the Density Separators throughout the UK, has helped key customers in the recycling and waste management industries to reduce their waste disposal costs while maximizing material recovery, generating some very positive results for them.

McCarthy Marland, a waste transfer station in Bristol, have enjoyed remarkable increases in how much recyclable material they now recover from waste. It was their heavy waste stockpile (containing soil, stone and steel) that they wanted to tackle as this is where they could see the most value over the long term. “We knew what we were trying to achieve” explains Alex Marland “and we looked at several technologies during the research process. Our key criteria were to find a technology that was well built, has capacity for us to grow into, produces quality products and does not require manual pickers.

The combination of the Max X Tract and Flex X Tract in series achieves the above criteria and is proving to deliver considerable benefits achieved from the plant’s quality outputs and minimal manpower requirement. We load the hopper every 30 minutes and leave it to process the material” says Alex “the only manual interaction is when we clean it.”

Wheeldon Brothers run four waste and recycling transfer stations in Greater Manchester processing over 120,000 tonnes of construction and demolition (C&D) and commercial and industrial (C&I) waste each year.  Each day around 120 tonnes of trommel fines were sent to landfill and much of this was above 8mm and would have incurred the standard rate of landfill tax (then £64 per tonne).  Now only 6% of their materials incur the standard rate and over 60% can be recovered and sold on.  Within 3 months they had covered the cost of the installation.

James Wheeldon, said:  “Without the Max X Tract we don’t know where we’d be.  It’s helped our business survive and grow.  Having the Max X Tract has allowed us to extract a significant proportion of material, much of which we can sell rather than paying to get rid of, which is key when waste disposal costs are rising.” 

JWS, the North West’s leading provider of recycling and waste management services, saw the Max X Tract as a ‘one stop solution’ to allow them to separate out materials of value to generate revenue for the company, whilst at the same time reducing the volume that needed to be taken to landfill.  Using the MAX X TRACT in their waste processes, JWS can now achieve 90% landfill diversion.

Tim Andrews of JWS, said: “The MAX X TRACT was simple and compact and has allowed us to extract maximum value from our waste materials.  Not only have we been able reduce our waste disposal costs while maximizing revenue, but we have also been able to help our customers achieve their environmental targets and responsibilities.”