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Whack-A-Bin campaign – the next step

Whack-A-Bin LogosThe Whack-A-Bin campaign was set up to highlight and educate the importance of bin safety and prevent the loss of life that insufficient bin checks can cause. For over twelve issues, Skip Hire Magazine has been banging the drum on the necessity of training bin and skip operatives on checking the contents of the waste containers before tipping.

We’ve been inundated with companies wanting to get involved and show us the measures they are taking to prevent the unnecessary loss of life. This month, WFP Fabrications based in Derbyshire, demonstrate how they teach about the dangers in-house as well as to their clients.

As more and more trade waste companies across the UK, pledge to support the Whack-A-Bin Campaign, one Ilkeston-based skip manufacturer is going to new lengths in their quest for safety, after a local man was tragically killed in a waste disposal accident last year.

We spoke to Matthew Holmes, managing director of WFP Fabrications – a skip manufacturer that distributes various skip products throughout the UK.

Whack-A-BinMatthew said: “Last year in April 2014, the waste removal industry was shocked by the news that a man’s body had been found in a bin lorry on Lyndhurst Road in Sneinton in Nottingham. Since then, WFP Fabrications have tried to highlight the need for education into these sorts of incidents, and believe that the process starts with the manufacturer.

WFP have always created clasps on their skips for locks to be fitted at the owners’ discretion, but thanks to the Whack-A-Bin Campaign, they have created special ‘Whack-A-Bin’ Campaign stickers for their skip products, to warn people of the inherent dangers.

“We have always told clients of ours about the dangers of not checking the skips before they are taken away, but since reading about the Whack-A-Bin Campaign in Skip Hire Magazine, we decided that adding brand new Whack-A-Bin Campaign stickers to our skips, along with our existing ‘Do Not Enter’ stickers, was the next step in the awareness process.

“We have also been talking to a local homeless charity called YMCA Derbyshire about this campaign to raise awareness among the homeless community in Derbyshire. So far our efforts have been met with open arms.”

WFP Fabrications are now proud bearers of the Whack-a-Bin sticker which will go on every skip and bin produced by the firm. If you want to get your hands on a load, call the editor 0161 482 6220.


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