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Meet Our March Skip Chicks – as seen on TV!

If we could, we’d dedicate a whole magazine to these two. Denise and Elaine are the head honchos at Total Waste Control Ltd in Chesterfield. They first came to our attention in the first episode of Bin There Dump That in a whirlwind of peroxide highlights, endless legs and racy calendars. We thought there and then that they’d make the perfect skip chicks, and so here we unleash them on the Skip Hire Magazine readers…

May we ask your age, ladies?
Denise: The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything!
Elaine: Nosey aren’t you? 

We’ll assume you’re both in your twenties! What’s your role at Total Waste Control?
Denise: Managing Director
Elaine: Finance Director

How long have you worked there?
Both: We’ve had our own company for 14 years now.

JUNE -Talk about Hot and Sticky! 887KBWhat’s the best part of your job?
Denise: Our staff and customers are brilliant, we always have a laugh and I learn something new every day! It’s never boring!
Elaine: The flexibility and being your own boss!

What’s the worst?
Denise: Seeing companies close down or move abroad. Sad for everyone involved.
Elaine: I always look to the positives, so there isn’t any, just challenges!

Who is your favourite football team, and player?
Denise: The Spireites (Chesterfield F.C)! All the players are pretty spesh, but Sammy Hird has it all, including a stunning girlfriend!
Elaine: And I sat on Gary Robert’s knee once!

I’m sure Gary still remembers it! What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Denise: My sister wanted to be a lorry driver and have all her teeth out! I was boring – an air hostess!

If you were an animal, what would you be? And why?
Denise: I get called an animal as it is! Take from that what you will?!
Elaine: A tiger because I think they’re magnificent and have a mighty roar if provoked, like me!

Denise hard at work

Denise hard at work

What’s your favourite ‘mum quote’ you find yourself repeating?
Denise: ‘I can’t go, I’ve got a bone in my leg’ – (ie. I can’t be bothered!)
Elaine: Take your coat off, or you’ll not feel the benefit!

Great quotes! What are your hobbies?
Denise: Swapping my stilettos/riggers for hiking boots and stomping the peaks of Derbyshire
Elaine: I’m a gym bunny, love it and I’ve also achieved my second brown belt in karate with Inspire Kickboxing and Karate Club now!

If you could choose a holiday destination, where would it be?
Denise: Anywhere lively and hot with plenty of eye candy! Ayia Napa v Ibiza? Struggling to pick one!
Elaine: The Seychelles sound good to me.

Favourite film?
Denise: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. What I wouldn’t do for Mr Tumnus! Haha!
Elaine: My all time is Jason and the Argonauts – the original – because it was different but scary when I was young!

Which decade would you have loved to have lived in?
Denise: My liege, my liege! My corset straineth at its lace as my breast heaves when thou makes eyes at my bustle!

Someone get this woman in a period drama! What’s your dream job?
Denise: My job defo! Love it!
Elaine: Richard Branson’s PA!

Elaine takes accountancy to a new level

Elaine takes accountancy to a new level

Who would your dream skip hunk be?
Denise: My mates would tell you anyone with a pulse! But my boys on our tank cleaning side – Paul and Kyle – have everything!
Elaine: Gerard Butler

If your dream skip hunk came round for tea, what would you cook?
Denise: Paul wouldn’t be hungry for food!
Elaine: Silly question, as if I’d cook….!

How will becoming a skip chick change your life?
Denise: I may grow up and start laying eggs?!
Elaine: I’m pretty grounded but more doors of opportunity may become open to me. Who knows? Watch this space! 

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