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Best Kit I Ever Bought

December 14 008Name: Tony Williams from Tudor Griffiths Group
Type of business: Recycling
Location covered: West Cheshire, North Shropshire, and North East Wales
What was the best kit you ever bought?
Our biomass plant. It is a wood burning device which acts as a mini incinerator which utilises our G30 wood chip.
How has it improved your business?
It has offered utilisation of our grade A wood chip and reduced our fuel costs for our Office and Garage complex.
Did it deliver a good return on investment?
TG Group logoMost definitely. We were previously spending around £10,000 a year on oil to heat the offices and garage complex.
How easy was it to train staff up on it?
It is very user friendly. Our maintenance manager looks after it, but it takes little maintenance – we take a look at it once a day. It’s a 5000 litre hot water tank, so the wood goes in. It’s built on a sliding grate that produces heat. That then heats the water in the tank which is carried along the pipe to heat up the offices.
Did you experience any teething problems?
No. It doesn’t take up that much room either – it’s around 20ft by 10ft, encased in its own purpose-built unit. It has a sliding roof, so you retract the roof and load it with a loading shovel.
How soon will it need replacing?
10 years
When it comes to replacing, will you stick to the same model, or look around for a different brand?
Assess the market as technology is continually changing.
Would you recommend it to other skip hire companies?
Yes if you have a viable heat requirement. When we were looking in to it, we didn’t look at any other solution to the problem other than installing a biomass plant. We have the fuel on site, it made sense to use the wood we already had.
What lasting effects has the kit made to your company?
Reduced costs and increased green credentials. You also get an incentive when you use the biomass plant, called the Renewable Heat Incentive. So the government pays you a tariff per kilowatt hour due to the fact you’re using biomass. So it’s a win-win situation.

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