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Warwick Ward make dreams come true

Warwick Ward 2 smallArticulated lorries, low loaders and trucks are not every little girl’s cup of tea. However, for Jane Grant, trucks have always kept a special place in her heart. A machinery manufacturer, Warwick Ward, recently formed a plan to make a childhood dream come true for Jane.

Jane told Skip Hire Magazine, “As a little girl I vividly remember my Dad driving us to the south coast of England for our summer holidays. When we stopped at motorway service stations, I was always drawn to the heavy haulage parking area and the foot bridge to watch the trucks thunder by underneath me. There began my lifelong love of trucks, lorries and heavy haulage! I think people see trucks and lorries as just traffic, but they are the wheels that keep our economy turning; practically everything we use on a daily basis relies on road haulage. To be honest, I always harboured a dream of being a long distance lorry driver”. Jane instead went into the family business and along with her Mum runs a unique and very successful shop in Sheffield selling collectables and vintage clothing. When Jane met husband George he even encouraged Jane to follow her dream by gaining her HGV licence but by this stage work and home commitments took over.

Jane’s husband George is a long-time friend of Ashley Ward, the managing director of Warwick Ward. Warwick Ward have historically always sub-contracted their heavy haulage but as the business grew exponentially year on year, the need for them to own a low loader and tractor unit was becoming ever greater. Taking all this into account, the owners felt the time was right to invest in a brand new DAF XF510 FTT tractor unit and a Nooteboom trailer capable of hauling 80 tonnes of heavy metal all over the country.

Last year, Jane celebrated her 50th birthday and Ashley felt it would be a nice touch if Warwick Ward could make it all the more memorable for her. When the new truck rolled in to Warwick Ward’s headquarters in Barnsley, Ashley phoned Jane with an invitation to accompany Warwick Ward driver Derren “Digger” Heath on one of the DAF’s very first journeys – a return trip to Middlesbrough!

Says Jane: “I am so grateful to Ashley and the Warwick Ward team for making a real dream come true. I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity and experience. It was great chatting to Digger throughout the journey and the DAF unit and trailer is truly awesome and a thing of beauty”.

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