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Best Kit I Ever Bought: O’Donovan (Waste Disposal) Ltd

O'DonovansName: Jacqueline O’Donovan
Business: O’Donovan (Waste Disposal) Ltd
Type of business: Waste Disposal
Location covered: London / South-east

What was the best kit you ever bought?
It most definitely has to be our bespoke telematics system. We have installed the system across our fleet of 75 vehicles, to help improve driver behaviour, save fuel and feed into our Greener Vision Strategy to minimise environmental impact. We previously monitored aspects such as fuel usage and efficiency, and have installed CCTV cameras into all our cabs, but this system takes it to a new level.

How has it improved your business?
Having the system has helped our business by improving efficiency, safety and reducing costs. The key benefit has been the improvement in driver behaviour. The system helps to identify areas for improvement, such as overly harsh braking, or excessive acceleration, which can then be addressed before potentially becoming an issue. Such changes to driving style have improved safety, saved fuel and helped to reduce wear and tear on tyres and brakes. Importantly, it also means a fewer number of accidents and incidents in terms of frequency and severity which in turn reduces insurance premiums and excess. The CCTV cameras work in conjunction with the system, giving drivers peace of mind. In the unlikely case of an incident, it will provide a record of events.

Additionally, the system provides information in real-time on the location of our drivers, via GPS. This enables us to adapt our planned route schedules to make the most of traffic flow and to avoid congestion.

Did it deliver a good return on investment?
Yes, in just a couple of months, we are already beginning to see returns on our initial investment. Following on from this, we’ll continually benefit from fuel and wear and tear savings, as well as reduced insurance premiums – the impact of which can’t be underestimated for a logistics-led business.

How easy was it to train staff up on it?
It is a relatively simple system to use and has quickly become an established everyday tool which improves driver behaviours.

Did you experience any teething problems?
None whatsoever. As we spent time before the installation, tailoring it to our specific needs, we were already familiar with monitoring aspects such as fuel usage and efficiency and it was therefore a seamless transition.

O'Donovans 2 smallHow soon will it need replacing?
We have no plans to replace the system, as it has the scope to evolve with our business needs.

When it comes to replacing, will you stick to the same model, or look around for a different brand?
We are very happy with the system, especially the way that it can be adapted to grow with us, which is a key benefit. We will, however always keep up to date with new technology to ensure that we remain at the forefront of improving safety standards.

Would you recommend it to other skip hire companies?
Absolutely. The system has already helped us to improve driver behaviour which in turn improves efficiency, safety and, importantly, reduces costs. We, as a company, pride ourselves on our commitment to advance safety and standards across the waste industry and providing industry-leading equipment to our team is key to this.

What lasting effects has the kit made to your company?
This investment has made our transport operations safer – with vehicles on London’s roads each day, this is a key role of the equipment and provides greater visibility into the standard of our team’s driving. As London’s cityscape has evolved over time, so too must our drivers’ behaviour. In addition, our fleet operation will be much more efficient; these effects will continue to be seen.

Does it affect the wider community?
Yes, the telematics equipment has brought a whole host of benefits which will positively impact the wider community. Improved driver behaviour means that we can reduce the potential risk of road accidents while at the same time lessening our impact on the environment.

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