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Meet our Hairy Skip Hunk!

beardy one scary faceIs it a yeti..? Prehistoric man..? Brian Blessed..?! No, silly billy, it’s the infamous Beardy One! Beardy One – aka Mark Back – has been growing his whiskers for a solid year to raise money for cancer charity, Marie Curie. Although no longer recognisable by his family or colleagues, he’s raised an almighty sum and is still taking donations (donate here http://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Back/ and check out his amazing beard-progress pics!). We decided to get to know this hirsute hero a little better and raise awareness of what a brilliant job he’s doing. Take it away, O hairy one!

Age: 32

Job title: Skip driver

Let’s hope you don’t get skip dust in that beard of yours! How long have you worked there? Just over two years

What’s the best part of your job? Driving around the awesome county of Lincolnshire

Ah, the Fens, the Wolds and the Vales – you’re lucky to have such a view! What’s the worst bit of your job? Stupid car drivers

Yep – ours too! What kind of thing do you like doing outside of work? Spending time with my family

Nothing beats a bit of family time. If you were an animal, what would you be? And why? I would be a cat. They sleep a lot and are just generally lazy, lol!

A beardy cat? We can picture that somehow! Favourite film? All of the Transformers films!

imageFavourite food? Bacon (insert bacon.jpg)

Mmm, bacon. Favourite TV programme? Marvel Agents of Shield

Favourite band? Oasis

Who would play you in a film based on your life? Hugh Jackman

Ah Hugh – I would want him to play me in a film too – and I’m a woman! Tell us one interesting fact about yourself. I spent all 2014 raising money for the Marie Curie Trust by growing my beard. I’ve raised £1692 to date.

Wowsers, well done! What do you wear in bed? A beard!

We wouldn’t expect anything else, Beardy Man. We hope the rest of your fundraising goes well, and remember to send us pictures of the shave off!

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