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Whack-A-Bin: Waste Solutions SK

Waste Solutions SK “Whack-A-Bin” with new training programme.

Whack a Bin Campaign LogoA Stockport-based company has introduced a rigorous training programme to their organisation which highlights bin loading safety. Waste Solutions SK, a subsidiary company of north west-based environmental services company Solutions SK, announced measures to improve their induction process when it came to training new staff.

The company told Skip Hire Magazine how they have successfully revamped their training programme to encourage their employees to be increasingly vigilant regarding the problem of people sleeping rough in bins.

Greg Coppock, operations supervisor, explained how the programme came about “We’ve been doing it for three or four years now and it’s well established. It was a natural progression from a toolbox talk which we did out on the road, we then provided a power point presentation and it grew from there.”

In addition to a forty five minute training video, staff will receive a training program of craft talks, which include highlighting the risks and importance of inspecting 1100 litre bins and large skips. Skips used to dispose of cardboard are particularly likely to be chosen by people to sleep in, as the material is softer and more comfortable.

Solutions SK logo Greg Coppock commented that “We’ve only discovered one person in the last two years but it came as quite a shock. The lads were doing the early morning inspection at 6am and gave the bin a kick and a guy jumped out! Obviously it was quite startling for the operative as well as the person he disturbed. This has only highlighted the importance of being vigilant and safeguarding against compliancy when it comes to the inspection of bins and skips.”

This programme has been well received by staff members who have put it in to action already, taking steps in improving personnel safety, as well as ensuring any particular vulnerable persons taking refuge within the bin are kept as safe as possible.

In a recent survey carried out by CIWM, it was revealed that out of 176 respondents, only 24% had a policy in place for tackling the issue of people sleeping rough in bins, eurobins and waste containers.
Do you have a training programme in place to teach bin operatives about the importance of bin safety? Perhaps you’re hoping to launch a similar programme but are looking for help and guidance? Contact Skip Hire Magazine on 0161 482 6220 for more information.

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